Bead Manager Pro jewelry software is fully compatible for both Windows and Mac (with no additional software required) and comes with many time saving features that are guaranteed to help you in your jewelry business.

Just some of these features are:

1.Instant stock level tracking and inventory management.

Bead Manager Pro will automatically track your inventory of parts and pieces.  Just enter in the details of your parts inventory and then as you create a new jewelry piece add the parts that it has taken to create it and they will automatically be removed from your inventory.  You can then see an up to date list of exactly what you have in stock at any time as well as receiving alerts for low stock levels.

2.Automatic pricing of your completed jewelry pieces.

With Bead Manager Pro you can automatically price you pieces at three levels for wholesale, retail and direct sales.  Bead Manager Pro will instantly work out what the parts cost to create a jewelry piece and then markup the pricing accordingly.  With our hourly rate calculator you don’t even need to worry about how much you should be charging for your time, Bead Manager Pro will do that for you too and work out your Profit & Loss reports.

3.Customer records and alerts for special dates.

Good customer service can make or break a business.  By setting up your customer lists you can add in special dates to alert you to particular occasions specific to your customer allowing you to keep in touch and maintain a personal relationship easily.

4.Easy data export into excel format.

Bead Manager Pro has many pre-formatted reports for Invoicing, Catalogs, Bills of Material and more but what if you want more?  With our custom list views and the ability to export any data to excel you can easily pull a report on any aspect of your business in seconds.

5.Instant professionally printed labels, invoices and catalogs.

Once you set up Bead Manager Pro in the Admin Section with all your company details you will be able to print professional looking Invoices, Catalogs & Consignment orders as well as address labels and labeling for all your parts and pieces.

6.Notes and storage archive for designs details.

Want to keep notes on how you created a particular jewelry piece?  In Bead Manager Pro you can add notes and images to your completed piece so you know exactly how you made it.  You can even duplicate pieces in your inventory if you make the same piece reguarly saving time entering in the same information again and again.

7.Easy backup and storage of data.

This is your business and your data is valuable so you need to be able to easily back it up and store it safely.  With Bead Manager Pro all it takes is a couple of clicks and then you can store your backup safely away just in case that dreaded day happens when you go to turn on your computer and nothing happens. (By the way if that does happen we’ll just send you a new copy of Bead Manager Pro and as long as you have your data you can be up and running again in no time)

8.Invoice management and tracking.

If you sell items directly or use consignments to provide your jewelry pieces to stores or other sellers Bead Manager Pro will track that for you too.  Your invoices are listed as outstanding and can easily be filtered in the list views or viewed in the Customer profile.  Consignment orders will allow you to send out items and then instantly turn those Consignment orders into invoices when the pieces have actually been sold, automatically updating your inventory.  Plus if you want to create a catalog direct from an invoice for your customer you can do that too.

9.Vendor tracking for your favorite suppliers.

Keeping notes on your favorite vendors is an easy way to keep track of who you bought what from at what price and when.  Just add in your favorite suppliers into Bead Manager Pro and when you add in new parts to your inventory you can easily choose from the drop down exactly which vendor you purchased from.

10.Tax calculations for completed pieces and invoicing.

If you hate working out what Tax you need to put on an invoice Bead Manager Pro will work that out for you.  Once you have setup your company details, Bead Manager Pro will calculate the tax on all your invoices for you as you create them.

Plus Bead Manager Pro Will Promote You Too..!!

Bead Manager Pro will not only make your business life easier but also your marketing with our Post To Facebook feature.

With just a couple of clicks you can now upload images and descriptions of your jewelry directly to your personal or business page on Facebook and let your fans know instantly that you have something new and exciting for them to purchase.

Post to Facebook

Don’t know anything about Facebook?

We’ve got you covered as we’ll give you a full course on how to use Facebook of 23 video tutorials and written pdf’s so you can maximise your Fan Page to the hilt worth over $200 along with your purchase of Bead Manager Pro absolutely FREE

And Bead Manager Pro Is Compatible For All Countries & Currencies….

Just select your Country & State and Bead Manager Pro will automatically use the right tax code for you. Bead Manager Pro is pre populated with tax codes and currencies for all major countries and states but even if your tax rate changes you can simply type in the new value so you’ll always be up to date.