This is a quick guide covering the most important steps to get up and running with Bead Manager Pro.

For more in depth assistance review our complete set of video tutorials which cover all these steps and advanced features of Bead Manager Pro.

Getting Started:

STEP 1 – Installation:

STEP 2 – Navigation:

Company Setup and Administration:

STEP 3 – Company Setup:

Inventory and Production:

STEP 4 – Vendors:

STEP 5 – Inventory Parts:

STEP 6 – Inventory Pieces:

STEP 7 – Bills Of Material:

Customers and Sales:

STEP 8 – Customers:

STEP 9 – Invoices:

STEP 10 – Consignments:


If you have any further questions then please check out our full set of video tutorials or for anything else please contact us through our ticket system and we will get back to you as soon as possible.