Lisa Sittniewski“This is so fantastic because pricing pieces has to be one of the hardest parts of running my business. Now I don’t have a shadow of a doubt about what anything cost me to create.

Paperwork is another daunting task that Bead Manager Pro has simplified for me. With this software, I can keep customer lists, create invoices, create labels and catalogs of pieces, and even keep track of pieces out on consignment.

I have sworn by it for the last year…it’s one of the best investments I’ve made for my business.”

Lisa Sittniewski – Alden, New York

Lisa Sittniewski Blogspot

Julia Stoddart“It has only been 5 months since I took the plunge and changed my hobby into a business. It was becoming increasingly difficult to price up my jewellery as I could never remember from where I had bought the particular parts. I started looking into jewellery management software and in particular for an Apple Mac.

As I had just started out my budget was tight. However I came across Bead Manager Pro and looked into it. The online demo’s helped to get an understanding of the software and hence it was sold on me. It basically ticked all my boxes!

I find it very easy to use and does at it says on the tin.

I only wish I had bought this programme from the start even when my jewellery making was still a hobby. Gary has always been on hand to help and is very prompt in replying to cries for help. Thank you Gary!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Julia Stoddart – Holmfirth, Yorkshire, UK


Las Jewelry“I have to say Bead Manager Pro is a fantastic program! I am able to organize all my jewelry components from the largest amounts to one single item. I can now record all my products and break down the cost and time it takes to create my jewelry designs. This is a very valuable tool in order to run a successful jewelry business.

I can finally see what everything is costing to create and charge prices that are accurate.

I would recommend this product to any designer serious about operating a profitable business.”


LAS Designs

Tina K Creations“Bead Manager Pro is an essential tool for bead jewelry designers

It has helped me develop a system that can show me at a moment’s notice my inventory in both materials and finished pieces while giving me real time low inventory notices and allowing me to price the pieces accurately.”

Tina Kolovchevich

Tina K Creations

“Your Beading-Software program is fantastic! I love it and truly couldn’t run my business without it!

And for any other Mac users out there, please do not hesitate to purchase this program. It’s wonderful and I highly recommend it!”

Pauline Salvucci

Westbrook, ME

Rena Klingenberg“Bead Manager Pro helps you get control of your paperwork, supplies, inventory, pricing, customers, and vendors.

The jewelry inventory software feature does a fantastic job of tracking each piece of jewelry through every step of the process – purchasing the components, creating the piece, pricing it, selling it, and customer info.

It’s simple to install and use, and there’s an excellent page of short online videos showing you how to get started and use all of the features.

Bead Manager Pro is a huge time saver, because with a few clicks of your mouse it conveniently handles all of the paperwork, record-keeping, and information for your jewelry business.

I think that instead of being named Bead Manager Pro, it should be called “Jewelry Business Manager Pro”.”

Rena Klingenberg

Home Jewelry Business Success Tips

Jenny Mills“Once I got the hang of Bead Manager Pro, I became so excited about all the annoying aspects of running a business being so beautifully taken care of. I have referred Bead Manager Pro to everyone I know who sells jewellery!

To top off a great product, I have been very impressed with the follow up support as well.

Love love love Bead Manager Pro

Jenny Mills

Jenny Mills Jewellery

Christine Gierer“Bead Manager Pro is a godsend for the perpetually disorganized and the control freak alike.

I used to lose money on every jewelry sale after online storefront fees, labor time spent, and supply costs and DIDN’T EVEN KNOW IT.

I wish I’d have known about Bead Manager Pro earlier. With its easy-to-use inventory management, vendor tracking, and pricing functions it would have saved me a lot of money and a lot of grief.

Now I can track everything and I love it.

I love how the videos walk me through everything and make it so easy.

I especially love NOT hunting down old invoices to figure out the reorder code of the supplies I bought last time or the cost of those components so I can price my items properly.

Highly recommended. Every jewelry business needs Bead Manager Pro.”

Christine Gierer
Jewelry Maker and Business Coach

“When you’re in the groove of designing and making jewelry, the last thing you want to do is realize you’re short on wire! Bead Manager Pro is an excellent program to help you keep track of every finding, gem, and wire coil that you order. Let me tell you, it’s a real time-saver, and it’s the best way I’ve found to keep track of all my supplies!

And what’s more, this program will also keep track of your profits, your expenses, and it’ll even help you price your jewelry! This is a function that I absolutely love. It’ll calculate a fair price for any jewelry piece you create, based on the cost of supplies and your hourly rate.

It’s very easy to use – I hope you like this software as much as me!.”

Brandon Hutchins

“Bead Manager-Pro brings order to that chaos! This easy-to-use program carefully organizes every aspect of your jewelry-making business. Keeping track of your inventory (and costs!) of parts, pieces and finished jewelry is a snap.

You’ll develop more profitable pricing because you know your exact investment in each piece. And you’ll market your jewelry with ease using customer tracking and contact tools that are built-in to the program.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, this outstanding program saves you time, money, and helps you manage and grow your handmade jewelry business. I use it myself, so I know it works!

Dr David Weiman

“Bead Manager Pro is the best way to stay organized and accurate.

Whether you have a home business, a brick and mortar store or are a hobbiest, Bead Manager Pro is the whole package.

I have used every part of the program and I can say…

Need to keep track of your inventory? – CHECK
Need to keep track of your costs? – CHECK
Need to keep track of your vendors? – CHECK
Need to keep track of your customers? – CHECK
Need to keep track of your finished pieces? – CHECK
Need to keep track of your invoices? – CHECK
Need to keep track of consignments? – CHECK
Need to keep track of labor? – CHECK

Need to calculate an accurate selling price? – CHECK
Need to create mailing labels? – CHECK
Need to create a catalog? – CHECK
Need to create data for a website? – CHECK
Need to add a photo to your part record? – CHECK
Need to know if a part is running low? -CHECK
Need to save time on paperwork? – CHECK
Need to create reports? – CHECK
Need more accurate data for your accountant? – CHECK
Need a program that doesn’t cost thousands? – CHECK
Need a program that runs on PC or Mac? -CHECK

Want to spend more time creating and less time on paperwork?
Then Bead Manager Pro is the program for you.

Lisa Vincent
Shipwreck Beads – The Worlds Largest Selection Of Beads

Marika King“Bead Manager Pro has been an extremely useful tool and the cornerstone to my business. I never run out of supplies and it makes it so easy to calculate the cost of a finished product. I’d truly be lost without it!!! And the follow up help for any problems or queries I have has been outstanding!!!!!!

I highly recommend this product not only to the business owner, but also to the keen hobbiest who wants to keep track of their stock.”

Marika King

Victoria Australia

“Thanks a lot for this great software!

It is THE MUST- TO-HAVE time-saving tool.

I wish I had it when I just started- it could save me at least a year of my life. It’s very convenient, easy to install and use.

And, probably, the best part, customer service is the best, I know. When you have a question, the help comes in just a couple of hours!”

Diana Ameltchenia

“If you are starting a jewelry business then Bead Pro Manager is a must. It is easy to use and has fantastic customer service.

Judy Hunt

Jewelry by Judy

Tina Stephen“When I started my search for a management program that would help me with administration of both my business admin needs and keeping up with supplies and customers, I came across a few options. However, BMPro came out on top, not just for the price but also for the fact that it is compatible with both Mac & Win computers, and it was easy to install, setup and use every day.

I also love the fact that you can use this program for any type of craft business. I highly recommend BMPro to other jewelry designers and crafters for all their business administrative needs.”

Tina Stephen


“Software that tracks full descriptions of Parts and Pieces, including photos!

BMP is also the greatest help in pricing items for sale, at 3 different levels! THIS is a tool you should have in your Jewelry Maker’s toolbox.

Paula Paul

Isis Designs

“I love your program, its easy to use, works great and has helped me keep track of stock, clients, vendors and calculate the cost of my pieces.

It does everything I need it too and more!”

Tania Grech


“Bead Manager Pro is really easy to use and I have found it to be very helpful for creating professional-looking invoices, keeping track of inventory and customer info, and calculating cost for my pieces.”

Julie S. Jurenka

beaded brilliance

Natures Wrapper“I took a hard look at the programs out there that supported Jewelry Designers and I chose Bead Manager Pro because it seemed to be the most straight-forward system.

I started adding supplies to the inventory management and did a few finished piece calculations to see how it worked and WOW! I couldn’t believe what I saw! I had been charging in the low end and really had to take a step back to see what I had been doing wrong before I started using Bead Manager Pro.

It is so easy to add inventory and set up the program to my needs. I am not using all of BMP’s applications yet, but as I step into this full swing (I have so much to put in there!) I cannot but help to see that this will be the best tool that I use!!!

Laura Bailey

Natures Wrapture

Donnas Crafty Creations“Bead Manager Pro is making my life much easier. All I have to do is enter my raw materials, create my jewelry, add the parts to the record for the jewelry items, and my stock on-hand is updated automatically. No more spreadsheets to create and maintain.

You’ve been very responsive the few times I’ve had questions – acknowledging queries and providing responses in a timely fashion.

I’ve looked at other bead management software, but wasn’t sure I wanted to sink that much money into some of the alternatives.

The fact that your software is very reasonably priced, comes with great customer support, and runs on a Mac makes Bead Manager Pro the right choice for me.”

Donna Somers

Donna’s Crafty Creations

Lucca Luc“We all know that administrating a jewelry business is very complicated and tiring. BMPro it’s exactly what i was looking for… It really makes my life easier and helps control my company in a way I can’t believe.

Thanks Gary and all the BMPro Staff”

Jorge Marcos Assad

Lucca Luc

Jos Beaded Design“I have only been using this programme for a few months, and already can see the difference that it has made to my small business.

No longer do I have to try and figure out what to charge for a piece, and I can see what quantities of what components I have, saves me spending money on beads I already have.

It is a valuable piece of software that I have no hesitation in recommending.

Jo Francis

Jo’s Beaded Designs

“I think that this program is a must have for anyone with a jewelery business. Either just starting out or already established. It is a must even if you do not have a business just for keeping track of your stock and suppliers.”

Rev. Cheryl Barr


“I have found this program very easy use and makes the whole process of costing and pricing straight forward and relatively easy. The administrative functions allows a very professional and accurate system of putting yourself into business.”

Jean Jurson

Jean Jurson Jewelry

“I really like this program, the pricing , pieces and parts work great, overall this is a great program and has helped me a great deal with pricing and putting jewelry together.”

Kelly Heineman

Spirit Dance of Ladybug

Annes Jewelry

“I love Bead Manager Pro. It’s very well designed for the custom jewelry business. I have all my parts and pieces entered, along with my vendors and customers and it keeps me and my business together.”

Anne’s Walrath

Anne’s Jewelry

Studio Seventy Five“I love Bead Manager Pro. It has made running my business so much easier. With just a few clicks I can price my pieces and I always know the inventory I have on hand. I also love being able to print professional looking invoices for my customers. Everyone who has a jewelry business needs to get this program!!”

Jennifer Murray

Studio Seventy Five Jewelry

“No matter how small or large your beading jewelry business is, using Bead Manager Pro is a tool essential for keeping track of inventory, customers and vendors. Placing a value on the work you do goes beyond playing with a hobby to operating a serious craft. Even the most disorganized beader can stay efficient with a few clicks of the mouse.”

Chrissy Roberts


Joyce Brandt“I have only been using the software for about 6 months but I truly wish I had found it prior to that. It took while to finally get all my inventory in but it was the best investment of my time and money. I now have everything at my fingertips. Since I only started my business some months ago, I am still learning all the types of beads and findings and having a picture on everything is wonderful. Sometimes I just go through the linking pictures with names in my mind just to improve what I am doing.

Thanks so much and I love the product.“

Joyce Brandt

Just My Best 4 U

Ramona Fifie“I was really in the need of a software that could help me keep track of inventory, keep track of completed pieces, and assist me in calculating costs for each piece I created. My biggest problem, however, was finding a software that was Mac based. I found several, but they were all PC platform only.

Then I found Bead Manager Pro software. I was happy to find it offered a Mac version. After much contemplation and inquiries to the company, I decided to purchase the software. It was the best decision I ever made…and it still is!

It helps me track all of my inventory and completed pieces. I helps me calculate the cost factor. I even found the Support and Customer Service beyond exceptional. They really do strive to provide the best service possible. Their support system is reliable and their knowledge is invaluable giving the most and the best there is in customer satisfaction.

I am extremely satisfied and am happy I made the decision to invest in this software. It is continually saving me time and effort with inventory management and calculations. It has already paid for itself, I’m sure. And for that I am amazed. I am just sad I didn’t give this testimony any sooner for others to read, so that they can reap in the benefits and rewards this software has to offer.

Thanks Bead Manager Pro! Kudos to you for making my life easier!”

Ramona Fefie


“In 2009 my small jewelry business changed. Sales went up considerably.

Last year my accountant started asking for an accurate inventory summary for tax purposes. Cost of goods sold, ending parts inventory etc. I was overwhelmed because I thought “How am I going to count the over $8,000 in beads that I bought this year and merge that with my ending inventory from last year?”

That’s when I found Bead Manager Pro. With the new upgrade in December, this program will help me get this fast growing business under control.

I am very happy, and my accountant will be pleased with the accuracy of my inventory.”

Jill Rogers

J. Elizabeth Jewelry

“I love this software especially since the recent upgrade. Everything to do with my jewellery is now held in this invaluable database and easily accessible with a touch of a button. The support I have received from Gary has been very quick, very efficient and he always has the right answer….Thank you Gary !

Gary, I love that I can now manipulate the columns and make them wider to fit in all my info and I love the new search facility so fast and spot on. Thank you so much for this great software.”

Catherine Rutherford

Ireland – Meath

Bits By Kim“WOW!!! The upgrades made this software over the top! Its so easy to use, helps me stay organized and saves tons of time. For me it was worth every penny and then some!

Thanks for taking the time to make something good even better!”

Kim Wilson


“I love your program! It has helped immensely in cataloging my supplies, and makes pricing pieces much easier! I like the new List format – it makes it much easier to find items, and the Search makes it even easier!”

Jean Seymour

Jewelry by Jean

“Bead Manager Pro is a great product, allowing beaders, from novice to pro, to keep track of their inventory and finished products, along with customer information and the customers’ orders.

It takes no time at all to learn how to use the software, and the updated version is highly recommended to someone looking for a beading software package.”

John Bristol

New York – USA

“I would just like to say that this software is fantastic.

If you are looking for a software to keep up with your inventory of beads, finding, and anything else you use for your jewelry/beading business this is the perfect software. It will also price your jewelry based on your desired income level.

It also has a module so that you can input pics for every part and piece of jewelry you make and also a place to put directions on how you made it, in case you want to duplicate.

I would truely be lost with out it because it has everything you need to get your business up and running profitably.

You are not going to beat the price (believe me I have researched) for the quality you get. Also, the technical support is outstanding. I recently had my computer crash with everything for the past two years on it and I bought a new computer. Once I provided the email that I downloaded the original version from, tech support had me up and running again within hours at no additional cost. And once I get my old file off the other computer, I can just import it into the new one. It really does make my life easier.

I really can’t say enough as to what this has done to help me get my business started.”

Tina Jones

Dangle Delites – Florida USA

Renaissance Jewelry“I have been using Bead Manager Pro and like it very much. I’m able to enter all of my consignments, which helped me greatly since the gift shop I consign my jewelry to got robbed, I was able to tell just what was taken, lucky me, it was only 1 bracelet.

It’s also helps me to price my jewelry correctly, so I’m making a good profit and giving my customers the best price I can.

This is a great program, if you do jewelry for any other reason than for yourself, you need this to keep track of your inventory of parts and finished jewelry. You won’t be disappointed.”

Cheryl Dunham

Renaissance Jewelry

“I have just recently started working with the Bead Manager Pro software so I still have a lot to learn. I am sure once I have used the program more and get all my inventory parts and pieces entered it will become an invaluable tool.

The support for this software tops any support team for software that I have ever worked with. Not only is the response time extremely fast, but also very personable and friendly.

I am a CPA full time, so not only do I know what kind of records I need to maintain, but I have very little time to spend on preparation. The beading software is going to make this task a lot simpler and faster. I would highly recommend this software to anyone in the jewelry making business.“

Gail S. Kwee

GK Designs – North Carolina USA

“I was at a loss trying to manage my business until I started using Bead Manager Pro! Bead Manager Pro allows me to track my supplies and alerts me when I need to order more. It also helps me know when I need to create more pieces and how much to charge for my work. This program has saved me the cost of paying an advisor to help with the administrative side of my business.”

Barbara Pace – Kentucky

“My jewelry business is in its early phase and I haven’t yet entered all the inventory I purchased prior to purchasing BeadPro. But I can tell already that it’s going to make a huge difference in my workload, especially when it comes to pricing new pieces.”

Thanks so much and I love the product.“

Elizabeth Lockman – West Virginia

Furnace Hollow Studio

Sezzys Crafts“Bead Manager Pro is now a very valuable tool that I use to keep track of stock, and suppliers.

It makes it very easy to find out when & where I purchased particular beads from,(if I should need to make an identical or similar piece in the future.)

I also have found it very helpful when using it to price my finished designs. It is easy to use, and I am sure I still have much to discover that it will do for me.

I found the video instructions for each & every part of the software very useful and fully comprehensive. You really have got it all covered. I wish I discovered it earlier, before I had such a huge inventory to add, however, it certainly is worth it in the long run.

Many thanks for a great product, Go ahead & buy it, it does exactly what it claims to do!

Sarah Bowley – Somerset UK


Pinx Jewelry“I am so delighted with this software. I am starting a new business and it has truly been the key to making it professional. I am delighted at the ease of how to use it and just how many benefits there are.

I would recommend this to everyone. I am truly thankful that I am able to make Bead Manager Pro such an important part of my business. Another wonderful benefit is the ongoing support and updates that are specific in helping you grow your business: Thank you!!! :)

Natalie Pike – California

Pinx Jewelry

Fiore Gems“I was happy to find Bead Manager Pro, a program I use to handle all parts I need. It’s really a breeze to use and very, very, very helpful in taking care of my work: from the findings to the billing! … not to mention the patience and help from the support People!”

Eliano Fiore – Tokyo Japan


“I am so happy with Bead Manager Pro! It makes it easy to price pieces accurately and it makes keeping up with inventory a breeze!!! I just made my first catalogue and I couldn’t be more pleased.

I have also noticed that my customers seem to take me more seriously as an artist since my pricing strategy has changed (marked up, allowing for my time and overhead as well as prices on the different materials). Thank you for helping me to take my business to the next level!!!”

Bonita Linnemeyer – Florida US

KL Jewelry Design“I love Bead Manager Pro. Once I got my part inventory in it was a snap to get my pieces inventory in. What I really like the best is that after I put all the parts together I got the cost tab and put in how long it took me to make it and the price is calculated for me.

I especially like the wholesale, direct, and suggested retail features allowing me to adjust the percentage of increase and to chose which one I would like.

I love this product and I’m so glad I finally purchased it. I use it every day. The most work was putting all the parts inventory in. Now it’s a breeze just add your parts inventory in as you bring it in from the store. Add the piece inventory in as you make the item.”

Kris Penney – Nebraska US

KL Jewelry Design

Lisa Failon“I love this software. It works well with my way of thinking. It is easy to use, it is a very flexible program and its not too complicated (I love the simplicity of it).

So far it has provided me with all the information that I need (quantity levels, pricing, invoices, reports, etc) I have quite an inventory of beads/metal and glass.

I am using it for all of those items and I love it! I can now quickly find out inventory levels (even for my glass) I also LOVE the mark up feature.

I am finding that I have not been charging enough for my pieces.

I love knowing what my cost/labor is and quickly make a decision on pricing. I just started using this so I am sure there are features that I have not found yet. So far I cannot tell you how much I love working with it! I am so happy that I chose your product over the others!.

Lisa Failoni

Lisa Failoni’s Jewelry and Glass By Design

“Fantastic software that is easy to use. The upgrades added what we needed as end users.

Thank you for listening to us!.”

Kathleen James

Katiebird Designs

Masmaj“Hello everyone, creating jewellery is fun, but as for many artist I know, accounting and keeping track of every small part, was not my strongest point.

It was hard to calculate the exact production cost of a jewelry-piece. Most of the time it was just guessing

But, no more since I use bead-manager-pro. I enter the parts as soon as I receive them from the supplier, I can calculate the production-cost and selling- price directly. Life has become easy.

I would like to say to everyone, Bead manager pro is fantastic!

Elke Verelst – Belgium


JoeyLou Lewellery“I found Bead Manager Pro by accident, about 18mths ago. It came at just the right moment as I had been spending some time creating my own spreadsheet pricing calculators and my bead inventory was non-existant.

I had no idea what I had and how much. I make Unique custom made Jewellery which means that each peice is individually priced, I love that Bead Pro Manager allows me to duplicate peices and change parts around without effort .”

Joanne Oldland – Australia

Joeylou Jewellery

Rebecca J Designs“I had been looking for an inventory system for my jewelry design business and had seen all of the phenominal testimonials for the Bead Manager Pro.

I knew that it was the program that I wanted to use, but with just starting off my business as a side business and out of my own pocket, the inital purchase price was a lot to put down at once with putting most of my money towards supplies. I eventually bought the product and have been so happy with it.

It makes life so much easier and I wish I had made it my first purchase from the beginning!

Chelsea Jones

Rebecca J Designs

For An Angel Jewelry“I have been really pleased with BMPro. Pricing my pieces and maintaining my parts inventory has never been easier for me. The personal service and upgrades have been great. Keep up the great work.

Irene Delker

For An Angel Jewelry

Necessities by Nichelle“I already was a big fan of BMPro and the latest upgrade has only made me happier. I really like the changes, especially the ability improvements to the search features and the ability to accurately calculate my hourly rate. Now I can make sure all costs are accounted for accurately and easily.

I will definitely recommend your software to other jewelry makers. It has been more than helpful to me.”

Nichelle Shaw – MD USA

Necessities by Nichell

“This program has been very helpful in detaching my emotions from my creations. I can clearly see what I have committed to a piece, and what it needs to sell for.

This allows me to reselect components to either increase or decrease the selling price; time is often not negotiable. I’ve discovered that I make wonderful $250 necklaces!”

Roxanne Parsons – California US

“I love it! Seems to have everything I need to manage my business all wrapped up into one package. The key features that won me over most and foremost was not having to continuously pay to use a product I purchased….subscription fees!!

I purchased a very popular jewelry design managing program that promised me the world, little did I know, I would later have pay annually for updates and support.

Hats off to BMP for understanding the customer needs, support is always there and you never have to pay for updates to your software version..”

Sathara Collier – Texas USA

Tz PLace

“Bead Manager Pro is an excellent one-of-a-kind product that allows us to keep track of our inventory and helps us accurately price our hand crafted jewelry. You can not find any other product like it on the market.”

April Crockett – TN USA
74 Jewels

“This software is just absolutely amazing! I had no idea how to price out my work, but this made it soooo easy – thank you so much for a great product!

Stacy J. Reilly – AZ USA

“I’ve found that Bead Manager Pro has really helped me organize my inventory and accurately price my items. It’s great for creating professional-looking invoices and keeping track of my customers too. You can easily track your business’ growth by creating profit/loss reports as well. Overall a great product!

Shevon Nicholson – Pennsylvania USA
Designs by Diya

“This so easy to use programme makes everything so easy, setting up your business from scrath, and it even does catalogues for you, no more messing around trying to arrange pasted pictures on a word page.

Comes with a very user friendly manual, as well as access to ‘real’ action user shots, I love the typos as you go that you don’t edit out, makes it more hands on personal lesson with a real person.

Susan Chandler-Davis – Devon United Kingdom
Silver Nature

wyoming angels logo“This program offers a simpler way for me to organize my wire work designs and pieces of inventory than my previous software. It seems to take less time for me to enter the items, build the database and create easy invoices.”

Teresa Massey – WY USA

Wyoming Angels

Pices of Loki logo“This is one of the best software I could find for pricing. I was going to do my own complicated one but with this, I do not have to.

I had an issue at first but it turned out to be a bad screen issue – but the customer support was not only excellent but quite fast.

I love the software and the people behind it. Thank you for a great product and support team!!”

Judy Tran – NY USA

Pieces Of Loki

“Bead Manager Pro has helped me with profit and loss statements which I didn’t have before without a lot of hard work involved along with pricing my creations, inventory, and just a lot of time savings. I love it. The more I use it the better I feel. I’ve only had it for a couple months so far and it’s already making business easier.

Thank you so much for creating it. It would’ve taken me months to build such a spreadsheet that works so well. I love how it filters out what I need and makes it so much quicker.

Thanks again.

Sherry – California USA
Sherry’s Jewelry

“The input of info was fun and then seeing when I was low on items and how much I used to make an item – Bead Manager Pro is priceless! I love it. Thank you for this product.

Suzanne Viengkham – Illinois USA

Something Tangible logo“I’ve recommended Bead Manager Pro to a number of people already! It’s pretty easy to use, and has organized my business much more efficiently than I did on my own.

I love that it calculates my ideal hourly rate based on my overhead costs, and prices new pieces for me! It also helps me keep track of my material inventory, which was something I hadn’t really done myself.

I also now have one place I can go to for all of my customer information, instead of looking through my address book, emails, etc. for their addresses!

This program really does make working easier once you get all of the information entered. :)”

Kristen Glanzman – NJ USA

Something Tangible LLC

Beeman Ritch logo“After the initial time entering suppliers, inventory and pieces it is very easy to keep up to date.

It gives me a nice range of suggested prices and I REALLY like that it allows me to change markup % and hourly rate.”

Jerry Beeman – Tampa Florida USA

Beeman & Ritch Crafted Jewelry

Little Fish logo“Super easy to use and helps me keep track of supplies and projects.

Even helps me keep my budget on track!”

Caroline Butler – Calgary Canada

Little Fish Art and Design

“Bead Manager Pro is amazing. I wish I had it when I first started purchasing my jewelry supplies. Life would have been so much easier. It takes all of the guess work out of pricing your pieces. To tell you all of the pros of this program would take hours.

If you are new to jewelry making or have been in the business for a while and are looking for the right program to use, look no further than Bead Manager Pro.

Janet Holmes – Florida USA
My Jewelry For U

Just God In Charge Wire Jewelry logo“I am so delighted that I purchased the Bead Manager Pro it has made it easier for my business in many ways.

I’m able to keep track of all my inventory of beads, findings and wire through the parts section, then when I make a design I just add the information into the pieces section, this allows me to insert a picture of my completed design, add my instructions of how I made it plus add in all the components I used to make the jewelry piece and the program will add up my cost, a wholesale cost, direct sale cost and the retail cost for me. This feature is the best, I can see the cost and quickly add it to my website knowing I have the prices of my designs to offer the public, this takes out the guess work and makes me feel more confident in my pricing.

I also love the invoicing it’s easy to print out and give to my customers. I have not done any consignment yet but with the features of the Bead Manager Pro I have no doubt my business will be a success, thank you so much for the Bead Manager Pro, it’s a big part of my tools for my business.”

Shirley Jackson – NC USA

Just God Incharge

Gold Silver And Beads logo“I purchased Bead Manager Pro on the advice of Dr. David Weiman. Since using this program I am finding that the best thing about Bead Manager Pro is that I am no longer under selling myself by pricing my merchandise too inexpensively to cover all my costs, including labour, and obtain the profit margin I would like to have. Other benifits are that I now have a catalogue and I also have a ready and current inventory.”

Blair Waugh – British Columbia Canada

Gold, Silver and Beads Art Studio

Gayle Mahoney logo“I LOVE Bead Manager Pro!

It has been very very easy to set up my business information, inventory parts, pieces, retailer and vendor information, and all the other details about my product lines. The software is an amazing value! It takes the guesswork out of pricing yet offers flexibility to easily create custom pricing structures.”

Gayle Mahoney – NJ USA

Gayle Mahoney Originals

“I have found this software to be very user friendly. It is helping me get control of my stock and pieces I’ve made. With it helping me to know how much I have spent on a piece to make and how much I should be charging I feel this will be extremely helpful in the upcoming shows I will be attending.

Connie Nash – Missouri USA
designs by cece

Fantasy Jewelry Gems logo“I purchased the Bead Manager after many months of trying to find a suitable management program. I can not stress the ease in downloading and the ease of using the program. It is all that I needed and wanted it makes my job easier and more enjoyable.”

Jacqueline Parrish – Florida USA

Fantasy Jewelry & Gems

Jamie Santellano logo“Bead Manager Pro is so versatile it works well for pricing jewelry whether it’s beaded, or created from precious metals. As a silversmith, I found this program to be very helpful in calculating wire and sheets of sterling silver. This software has made pricing my creations so much easier!

I especially love how the program calculates my hourly wage, creates catalogs, and keeps track of my vendors. I feel like I can finally run my business efficiently.”

Jamie Santellano – California USA


“I can honestly say that purchasing Bead Manager Pro has made my life a lot easier.I have been buying beads and jewellery making accessories for the past three years,Bead Manager Pro has made it easy for me to keep track of stock and keep me informed when things are running low.

I am currently working on producing a website for my jewellery and having Bead Manager Pro has pushed me to further the business which I am trying to create.

Margaret Johnson – London UK

Hand Made By Randi“Since I was a ‘geek’ before I was a jewelry designer, I had created my own spreadsheets for tracking my costs, sales, and design inventory.

Bead Manager Pro takes that one step further by automatically adjusting my supply inventory as I enter each piece that I make, which I hadn’t bothered with but probably should have as I added more and more stock. It also shows that I was pricing my product way too low!

Seeing it in black and white gives me more confidence in what my work is really worth – and while I don’t want to raise my prices too much while the economy is still not doing well, I’m making up for it by designing more higher-end items that will be listed at the ‘full’ price.

Another thing that I know wasn’t necessarily intended but is a great use for me: I set up a ‘customer’ file for promotional pieces and gifts – things that I keep for myself, donate to charity for raffle/sale, or give to others. This lets me easily keep track of what I’ve given to whom and when, so I don’t keep giving the same person similar styles for every occasion!”

Randi O’Malley – MA USA

Handmade By Randi

“I love this software and it helps me to stay organized and not buy things I already have. I wish I’d found it sooner because it took me 5 full weeks to enter everything into the program. Now that it’s there, I’m thrilled.

Linda Thompson – WI USA
Jewelry by Linda Mae

“I am not a computer wiz. Basics, okay, but not much more than that. So, I was quite grateful for your helpful answers when I attempted my first-ever download off the internet (and I had a LOT of questions). Even thought I felt like an occasional idiot, you never treated my confusion with less than 100% professional and useful replies.

I am still in the process of loading all my parts into inventory so I can start assembling more pieces. I can’t believe I used to price and sell my designs based on whatever I ‘remembered’ my costs were.
I took some Excel spreadsheet courses at nightschool with the idea of doing something similar before I found BMP, but I’m glad I didn’t waste too much time – your program is so much more than I even imagined trying to produce on my own.

Thanks for everything so far, as I’m sure that I will send more questions your way sooner or later…

Debbie Long – Ontario Canada
Thoroughturtle Beadesign

“SW is prepared with elaborated logic very practically oriented. Nice and easy to use, very helpful.”

Lenka Gondova – Slovakia

Peacock and Lime“A great little program – really helps to keep things organized. It is easy to use, helps to sort and keep track of parts in stock and inventory, organizes clients and vendors and most importantly for me, helps to calculate the cost of each piece. Customer support is also very quick and responsive, which is greatly appreciated!

It does everything I need it too and more!

Kristina – Alberta Canada

Peacock & Lime

“I LOVE the Bead Manager! It does everything they say it will. The hardest part was organizing my years of inventory in my shop. Entering everything was easy, in fact I had fun!

It tells me how much each piece cost to make, how much to charge my customers and warns me when my stock gets low. I have a professional receipt to give with each purchase. It’s like having a great employee helping me from start to finish of each project.

If I have any questions I simply watch a short video to learn how to achieve the desired result. The only regret I have is that I did not purchase the Bead Manager a long time ago. It’s perfect!”

Sue Reed – New Jersey USA
Sierra Moon Jewelry

“Wow! What wonderful software! I didn’t realize just how much I was going to love this until I began loading in my parts and vendor lists. Now everything is in one place and it’s all priced out for me using my preferences. Thank you!”

Marcia Etheridge – Alaska USA
Gemini Gypsy Creations

“I was so happy to find Bead Manager Pro to help track my costs and inventory. Previously, there were little scraps of sticky notes that listed parts and costs of each piece.

BMP helped me to price my pieces fairly and I found that I was drastically undercharging. I look forward to creating a catalog. Thanks for a great program.

Betty Ramsey – Mississippi USA

“I don’t have a Jewelry business that I make money from, instead I’m a hobbiest Jewelry maker. I do sell a lot of Jewelry it’s just the money goes back towards more beads. I do have to say bead manager pro even helps me from my hobby needs because I still need to keep track of inventory, beads, when to buy them, etc. I don’t buy wholesale, but I still can keep track of bead businesses that I buy from, they are just not wholesale businesses. It’s a lot nicer than writing in a notebook or trying to create something similar like bead manager pro using Excel.

So I have to say this is a nice program to have even for a hobby Jewelry maker, not just one who is making Jewelry for just business and money!”

Rebecca Scott – Wisconsin USA

“A great tool for tracking inventory and setting prices.”

Kristin Novinger – Tennessee USA
Blue Sky Jewelry

“I enjoy the Bead Manager software and I am so pleased that I made the decision to purchase. I have recommended the software to other Beaders! Thanks!!”

Sharon Palmer – Illinois/Dolton USA

“Bead Manager Pro has been a big asset in helping me keep track of my supply inventory. Another big asset is the ability to price my jewelry by using the program! The software is very easy to set up and use.”

Beth Dutenhaver – Ohio USA

Thats It Jewelry“I really LOVE Bead Manager Pro! It’s soooooo user-friendly. It keeps track of all my inventory, and the piece pricing feature is fantastic. Thanks for such a useful and EASY program that meets my needs perfectly.”

Aranna Overstreet – Texas USA

That’s It! Jewelry

Bead Manager Pro has helped me considerably in keeping up with my Inventory. Helps in the pricing even though I am using Wire Wrapping as a hobby now.

With an eye to the future. I may change to a business when my experience improves my craftsmanship.

When that time comes, I will be ready with help from Bead Manager Pro.”

Richard Hulick – Texas USA

New Camellot“Once the data is entered, using the program to calculate cost of production is very easy. The program has quantified what had been guesses for me–how much did I pay for that bauble? Where did I get it? How many are left? How much do I need to add on for postage and handling?

I wish I had owned the program for 25 years and I would not be playing catch up!

Karen R. Davis – ID USA

New Camellot

“Bead Manager Pro is the best thing I have bought in a long time! I only wish I had bought it sooner, before I got as much inventory as I did!.

It saves a great deal of time, which is always precious when running a small business, and deals with those annoying background duties which everyone hates and leaves for as long as they can.

Once the starting inventory has been entered onto the system, the rest is a breeze and cannot be underestimated. A really powerful system for anyone running a crafting business.”

Helen Hughes – Lancashire UK
Christiana Jewellery

“This software has been a great problem solver for me in keeping track of my inventory. I have not started my business yet but I have made some sales. It will be even more helpful when I start my business in ernest.”

Laura Taube – Indiana USA

I love this program. I have always wanted to know what crystals I had, how many and a system to be able to find them.

I have been beading for about 7 years now and the number of beads have increased tremendously making it very difficult to know what to order and if I saw a pattern I wanted to try, never knowing if I had enough of the right colors, size etc. before I started it.

Now that is not an issue and I also have the information at my fingertips in seconds. It is fantastic.

I also am enjoying the ability to quickly look up a pattern and what I used for the items I have made. I never was absolutely sure when someone requested a certain piece what colors I used and sometimes exactly how I made it. Now that is not an issue.

Of course I had to dicipline myself to put the information in the program for each task and each order I received of new material, but it is so well worth it. I am still new to the program and have not used the billing portion yet, but I am sure I will. Records of invoicing with saved information on my customers will be invaluable going forward. I do not have a large business, am just an occasional beader, but the program has been wonderful for me.”

Marion Woodbury – Michigan USA
Beaded Belongings

“I appreciate that this software has a version for the Mac. It has helped me organize all of my jewelry components and findings and most of all – it has been a lifesaver in pricing my pieces. It is very flexible, which is important to me.”

Helen Benedikter – California USA

“My professional life has been working in all aspects of the manufacturing industry producing many products ranging from clothing in the garment industry to airplanes in the aerospace industry.

I’ve worked as a computer systems analyst writing American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS) compliant manufacturing systems software. The systems I worked in were fully robust manufacturing systems which encompassed all aspects of the manufacturing process including, purchasing, inventory control, BOM, MRP, shop floor control, labor & payroll, AR, AP, and federal cost accounting compliance.

Bead Manager Pro is an impressively effective Inventory Control, BOM, Assembly and cost documentation system which when properly implemented would allow the user to document and track a small jewelry manufacturing business. The fact that a system this robust is available at this price is amazing!”

Vicki Franks – WA USA
Always In Stitches

Jewelry By Attorney

“I love it. It is AMAZING at keeping track of beads and ascertaining prices.”

Angela Lund-Logan – Illinois USA

Jewelry by Attorney

“I like this product better than the previous jewelry software program I was using. I’m a proficient Windows user and that program didn’t employ common shortcuts and other Windows tricks that I use daily so it felt constrained and non-intuitive to me. This program just flows easier to me.”

Paula Benjamin – Atlanta Georgia USA
P3 Designs

“I really like what I have seen of the software. I have not been able to mess with it very much due to my work schedule, but have liked what I have been able to use. This is replacing another software that I purchased in the past that has lost my database over and over and the backups do not work when I move from one computer to another. “

Rebecca Doremus – FL USA
Dreamers Gate

Big Sisters Jewelry Box“As a creative type, I find inventory control, pricing my work correctly, tracking sales etc. can be a bit of a nightmare. It’s not something that comes naturally to me. I was spending way too much time fighting with admin then I decided to try Bead Manager Pro and realized this is the answer to my problems.

Simple, uncomplicated data entry, a few clicks and I can see my pieces, what they cost to make and how much I need to sell for to achieve my yearly target. I can even track waste and see where I can improve my creative process. 24/7 video support, easy to understand owners manual makes it easy to learn the best way to use the software for my individual needs.

I can even track how much polymer clay I am using! I’m sure my investment in this tool will pay for itself in no time at all. Thank you BMPro, I LOVE it!

Mandy Houston – SC USA

Big Sisters Jewelry Box

Madam Ravens DesignsI love Bead Manager Pro…it is so simple to use.

Keeping inventory is no longer an agonizing task. As I purchase inventory…I log it into Bead Manager Pro, write the inventory number on the tag and store it away. Now when I create a new piece I know exactly what beads I have use and pricing the piece is done automatically.”

Maribel Rivera – New York USA

Madam Raven’s Designs

“I like it so far, easy to use keeps track of everything. I like that you can put pictures in of the pieces plus of the item you make. Love it.”

Lindell Radloff – British Columba Canada