Are you looking for that perfect Christmas gift? Perhaps for that person who seems to already have everything? Most of us would want our gifts to be really unique and something that the recipient will remember for a long time. So with all these in mind, I think it is safe to say that a beading kit would make for an awesome gift.

When trying to decide which type of beading kit to give as a gift, you will first have to look at the character of the person you have in mind. Are you giving the kit to a young kid or maybe to a more grown-up person? The styles, tools, and complexity of the kit would depend on the ability of the person. The beads that come with the kit will also have to suit the taste of the person or the recipient. For example, colorful hearts and stars would be delightful to a little girl whereas an older one would probably appreciate more sophisticated colors and designs. Often people don’t think of beading kits for kids, but there are a lot of easy jewelry designs targeted to children like how to make a simple beaded anklet kits that are easy yet tons of fun for young children.

Most kits could come with a bowl that has dividers for the different styles of beads. Maybe beads numbering a thousand or so would be enough to get her started. Don’t forget to include at least 40 meters of string. Of course these are just the basics but if you’re planning to give to a more mature and fast-learning person then you could add a wider selection of materials. Here are some things that most beading kits come with: pairs of earring wires and hoops, jump rings, eye pins, headpins, clasps (fishhook, toggle, parrot, s-hook, etc.) crimps, beading elastic, handmade glass beads, seed beads, scissors, a needle pack, spacers, cutter, and an array of threads and strings. Most of them also come with a booklet of instructions.

Some bead kits are also made special, meaning that there is a theme to them. It could be on a certain style, like a bonboniere kit, embroidered kit, or spiral weave kit, to name a few. Or it could even be a specialty on a type of jewelry such as a bracelet kit or an earring kit or a how to make a diamond motif kit.

Whatever type of beading kit you may choose to give your friend or family member, it won’t fail to make for a special Christmas present. They will know that this is something that really made you think about them. Who knows, it might even be a start of a very fruitful hobby or business for them and they would have you to thank for it.

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