Beading is a fun craft, however it’s no longer fun if you keep complaining that your back is aching, your eyes are straining, or you have an unrest foot of working long hours of beading. If you are serious with your craft, you should consider some option on how to experience working conveniently without affecting the health of your body.

Good ventilation in your working area is a must. You can work all time you want without creating danger to your eyesight because of adequate light that surrounds you while working. Numbers of light options are now available in any craft centers or retail stores, from floor lamps to bench mounted (an example is a spotlight), which allow you to spend hours of beading without hurting your eyes. One of the first things that you need to learn is some safety tips in jewelry making.

A hand-free magnifying glass can also protect your eyes from long hours of beading. This is an essential tool for designers no matter how good their eyesight. In fact, it is easier to bead using this tool especially when you are looking for your bead bin or when you are threading your needle; it helps you also search for different colors among your tiny beads. You can find magnifier with some light options which is more helpful to ease your work. Getting a good knowledge of jewelry making tools,their proper usage, how to maintain them will also be of value to you, all tools should be in good working order.

A good space for beading is a must if you consider working with your beads in a large amount of time. An ideal work should have a tall counter and a tall comfortable chair with sturdy back, where you can feel comfortable while working. A footrest is a helpful addition too. Consider these designs to pamper your body as well as your mind as they sooth away all your body aches.

Organizing can prevent stress in your craft. Use helpful devices like bead boards, caddies, bead scoops, counters and similar stuffs can make your work easier with less floss. Design a wall-mounted pegboard where you can safely hang all the necessary tools you’ll need such as scissors and various pliers. Add a bead pantry filled with labeled drawers for your different beads with different sizes and all findings of all sorts. When working with beading how to organize your beading stuff will determine how efficient and productive you are. The more organized you are the more productive you will be.

Additionally, put a board, a cork board is a good example, where you could attach all the necessary notes you have like written guidelines, techniques, or patterns, and even important reminders. Save a space also where you can put your cup so that you don’t spill whatever it is that’s inside your cup while you are working. Considering this helpful items and designs pays a convenient experience of work!

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