What do all these multi-million-dollar corporations have in common: Tupperware; Mary Kay Cosmetics; Sarah Coventry Jewelry; Especially Lingerie? They all started out in home party sales! There are many other companies whose success is founded in home party sales, but these are the ones that first come to mind. They are proof that home jewelry parties are a fantastic business strategy for marketing and selling your hand-made jewelry! Before long you’re jewelry making is a profitable hobby.

Plan your home party! Take inventory of your jewelry to make sure you have enough to merit a home party. Have at least five different designs of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, that can be sold as sets or individually. Toe rings and belly-button pieces are enormously popular with younger people today, so if you have them, add them to your sales collection! It’s not a bad idea to have a few one-of-kind pieces to appeal to those who like unique jewelry, but the majority of your stock should include several pieces of each design. Another popular item is small kits with all the materials needed to make simple jewelry and instructions on how to make that particular piece of jewelry, kids love to learn how to make a button bracelet. The kids will always ask their parents to buy these for them, a little extra income.

Usually a friend, family member or co-worker is willing to host a home party for you. After you determine how long it will take you to make the additional pieces you need to fill out your sales inventory, you and your host can schedule the date and time for your party. If no one is available to host a home party, invite other area crafters to join you in a home party cooperative, selling their work along with yours for a small commission. Along with posting business cards and flyers on community bulletin boards (free advertising!), send a press release to local newspapers and TV stations to be displayed on their community events calendars.

Discuss with your hostess what refreshments will be served and how they will be provided, as well as seating for the guests, on what you will set your displays and how they will be arranged. Keep your displays simple, but attractive and easily accessible for browsing. Work up short presentations for pieces or sets you want to highlight, and pass them around so guests can get a good look at them. For more expensive pieces, or for special orders, have a small catalogue of high quality photos. If you have an Internet web site, be sure the URL is on your business cards, and pass them out to the guests. Have inexpensive, but nice, door prizes for the guests to win, or better yet, have a Grab Bag or play the “Trading Game” so no guest leaves empty-handed. Lastly, be sure to take the names and contact information of guests who would like to host a home jewelry party.

Show your appreciation for your host’s hospitality and work with a gift of jewelry, presented toward the end of the party, you may let him or her select a piece from your jewelry collection, or create graduated-cost pieces with the choice of gift based upon the amount of sales. If you know the host well, create a special item of jewelry just for them, inspired by their preferences.

You can still sell your jewelry at customary venues, such as crafts fairs, flea markets and on e-bay; after all, revenue is revenue! Don’t forget to look into setting up your online jewelry store. Still, establishing you’re your connection with local customers by having home jewelry parties is a great way to build a local following of loyal customers!

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