Most of the time if we can afford to we will own at least one piece of expensive jewelry and it is important to take care of your precious piece of jewelry, whether it is a diamond necklace or a pair of earrings. If you own a piece of Swarovski jewelry then easy cleaning tips for Swarovski jewelry are the same as what is outlined below. Even if you don’t own a diamond necklace but have polymer clay jewelry, it is still important to take care of it so that it will last you a lifetime and you can pass it on to your children.

We are fascinated with the beauty of our jewelries, and in fact we even see are selves more beautiful wearing those sparkling and eye-captivating stones in our body. Precious or semi-precious jewelries it can be, we are aware that they should be taken care of as important as we should to preserve their beauty. As I have researched, here are some of the jewelry care tips I gathered:

Do not spoil jewelry on clothing. Do not wear your jewelry before dressing, and remove it first before undressing your clothes. There are some pointed or edgy areas in the jewelry that can destroy both your jewelry and clothes.

Keep a sterling-silver polishing cloth handy for a quick wipe before wearing jewelry. This can help you clean and glitter your jewelry in an instant. This cloth is available in most jewelry shops and discounts stores.

Do not wear you jewelry if you wish to swim in a swimming pool and spa water, or use it around chemicals that we usually use for cleaning, they contain chemical substances that can easily oxidize jewelries. Chemicals that are included in some perfumes, hair and body sprays, and even body lotion can be a cause of discoloring too.

Store jewelry made from silver and other metals are prone to tarnishing in an air-tight or zip-lock plastic bag. This high tech method of storing your jewelry will keep them looking like new, for a long time. Do not store pearl jewelry in sealed bags!

Most jewelry can be cleaned with a soft cloth and mild detergent with water if required, rinse with clear water and dry with a soft cloth. Test an inconspicuous area for color fastness before cleaning the whole piece.

If you use a jewelry cleaning liquid, read the instructions carefully before using. Some types of beads and gems, including pearls, turquoise, opal, and other soft stones, should never be put into any cleaning solution.

Remove jewelry before going to bed. Sleeping in your jewelry can add extra stress to chains, joints, etc., and shorten the life of your things. If you do some more research on a guide on wearing jewelry then you will find lots more information to help you wear your jewelry and at the same time protecting it from damage.

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