When choosing perfect beads in making your own bracelet and necklace, you have innumerable sources to choose from. You want to make sure that your finished handmade product is worth your expenses, and of course you want them to look stunning when selling them. Along with your beads you may want to add some gold or silver, there are lots of tips on how to choose gold charm jewelry that you can find by researching online.

Choosing the perfect beads really requires a lot of effort. Always ask yourself of the purpose, what kind of jewelry will you be making, and what style of jewelry do you want to create. If you wish to create ultra modern jewelry, you will probably pick beads that are made from different colored glass and plastic as well as shining gold and silver colors. If you are after with high quality of jewelry, don’t choose cheap plastic beads, go ahead and pick handmade glass beads or Lucite beads. These beads have high durability and they can retain their shine and beauty while plastic ones cannot.

If you want an ethnic look in your bracelet and necklace, you need to choose more earth tone beads, these beads has natural colors like black, brown, and tan color. You can also try mixing painted wood beads with basic colors like yellow, green, and red, this can show more accents to your jewelry. Ethnic look jewelry can be design with recreating some African American Jewelry, Native American Jewelry, and beach jewelry with some shells, shark teeth, and pebbles.

You can look for beads that you want for your bracelet and necklace online. Just make sure that when buying online, those beads have a return policy in case there are damages on beads. It’s a complete waste of money paying for broken and unusable beads. There are many places online that you can buy from, but the difficulty is trying to find reliable and cheap suppliers. The good thing about a site like eBay is that there is always feedback so you can see the history of the seller. If you are looking for beads then use eBay to find cheap beads.

However, if you want to check and personally buy your own beads, there are jewelry beads that are available in bulk lots. This idea of buying personally in bulk lots nearby is faster compared to online shopping, in which you will have to wait for a couple of days. And again, ask if they also have a return policy when buying beads.

Lastly, just be comfortable to use different beads design that suits your taste, whether it is for your bracelet or for your necklace, anyway beads are boundlessly available for bead enthusiast like you!

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