It is that time of the year again and you can almost smell Christmas around the corner. There is that familiar sound of Christmas carols again and are you starting to feel the Christmas cheer from the people around you? It is around this time that we start making plans for the holidays like where we will be spending them, and we’re also probably starting to make our Christmas shopping lists. But one big and fun part of preparing for the Christmas season is decorating our houses.

The Christmas tree is an important part of the holiday and decorating them is something that is fun because we can do it with our family. It can also be quite challenging to think of new motifs for the tree. Beaders would find their craft very useful for this activity. You may even be creating family heirlooms that you can pass from generation to generation.

There are a couple of great patterns that you can create with the Christmas theme in mind. This one can be quite tricky to make but it is very beautiful. Poinsettias are lovely and really reflect the spirit of the season. You can use handmade glass beads for the middle and red rochailles beads for the body of the flower. For your base, you can use a round clear piece of glass with a hole in the middle for the hanger. Tie a green or red ribbon from the hanger hole so you can put it up on your tree.

Another type of ornament that you can make is a tea ball ornament. You can use a mesh tea ball as your base. You can stitch the beads onto the tea ball in any color pattern that you want. Choose a variety of colors or make a certain pattern such as a snowflake design. Candy canes are always a fun design to make. The basic stitch that you will need to learn for this is the spiral rope chain.

How about beaded snow angel dolls? Pearl seed beads and crystal beads would be the perfect ones to use for these. They are very beautiful when finished and would be very eye-catching on your tree. You can even use them to top the tree with instead of the usual star.

Beadwork will fit with just about any Christmas tree ornament you can think of. The important thing is making sure that the design fits well with the type of ornament you choose to create. But then again don’t be afraid to experiment. After all, Christmas is the perfect time to channel that inner childlike-wonder in each of us. Beaded jewelry making is great fun for the kids, just make sure that they are supervised at all times when working beads and tools. Most kids will listen if you teach them some safety tips in jewelry making if it means that they will be able to make their own Christmas decoration.

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