Being a craftsman at anything takes time and experience to become very good. For a jeweler it starts off with learning how to make simple beaded anklet. From there it is a matter of how much time and energy that you put into your craft will determine how good you become. This will not happen overnight, but with some advice it can happen quicker than you think. There are lots of online resources that can help you on your way to becoming a great jeweler, tutorials that include making polymer clay jewelry to intricate metal jewelry.

This article will discuss to you how you can improve your craftsmanship. Improving craftsmanship undergo a process which can technically reduce problems and mistakes which craftsman usually experiencing it repeatedly. Undergoing the process of crafting requires patience, craftsman are prone to mistake and often times they are losing their grip because the same problem occurs over and over again. Sometimes when you start creating an attempt to fix and repair damage, it is getting even worse, and you let yourself gets deeper into the mess.

Here are some guidelines to help you prevent and analyze a problem to acquire improvement of your craftsmanship. If you work as a group, give an amount of time for discussion during each crafting stage:

  • Find and verify the defects and problem in the work
  • Make a list of possible repair options.
  • Identify the time or stage where repeated mistake or problem occurred.
  • After that, make also a list of possible ways on how to avoid that certain mistake or problem at the moment of occurrence.
  • Lastly, select the best and suited solution and apply that next time when there is a problem.

To improve you a craftsmanship means lots of things to do to reduce mistakes and problems. Observing a mistake of someone and understanding that next time mistake and problem will not occur if your ways aren’t like that.

This process can give an avenue of approaching technical problem successfully, whether a craftsman hasn’t yet encountered a certain mistake or problem, or just a mere help to improve someone’s understanding of the material.

To sum it up, a craftsman needs to identify, analyze, list, and select best and appropriate solution to apply it in a certain problem. By doing all these steps, you are much closer to achieve your craftsman’s improvement.

In all business adventures there are going to be the ups and the downs the good days and the bad, the important thing is to stay focused and to learn how to overcome the downside of selling handmade crafts. Once you have learned how to deal with the downside then it is all up from there. There are going to be many difficulties along the way, but these are learning curves and once you have learned them once you won’t need to learn them again, so go forward with confidence and enjoy your craft.

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