Selling your handmade jewelry is very rewarding; you are working with the job you love plus getting paid for it. Once you get into the swing of things jewelry making becomes a profitable hobby fairly quickly if you are organized. But, not all the time you’re enjoying it, sometimes you can feel the boredom. Not to mention dealing with custom orders, and selling popular items with troubles that leads to frustration.

Mostly, custom orders take a large part of selling handmade items. Although this can be very profitable, they can also drive you mad! Finding the right materials can be very hard, frustrating, and time consuming, and making custom design usually requires a longer time of working. To overcome the frustration on custom orders, account your extra time spent in your pricing, that includes your time spent in finding your materials, this will pay you the hassle it made. How to source the best wholesale jewelry is important to cut down the time frame here. eBay is a great resource to find materials that you need. And because custom orders are not particular in time efficiency, let your self do your own thing, this can be rewarding because you can let your creativity explore in creating other designs while custom orders aren’t ready yet.

It is always good when selling your handmade items; you have plenty of popular and good seller products. But sometimes, replacing them from time to time to update the popularity of your store is really tedious.

To deal with this, if you can put limitation doing one-offs or limited edition, do so. Because in this way, customer can have extra value for their purchase and you aren’t punishing yourself by doing the same thing over and over again. But many handmade craft sellers do not consider this as a practical way of earning good income.

Produce an ongoing line. If you now realize that this can give you a good sale, keep working plenty of it and never mind replacing them at the moment. You will think this can be more tedious, but you’ll get them finished much quicker, and then you won’t have to work many for a long time. When doing beading how to organize your beading stuff is important as the more you are organized the faster you will be able to work without trying to find things that should be at your finger tips.

Try to outsource the production of those items. Although you have to pay for someone to replicate your popular designs, the good thing is you can be more focused on creating new ones.

Give you self a fun and creative session sometimes on your repetitive jobs every day. This can motivate you to finish stuff quickly when you’re bored.

And the most major thing that influences you that makes you feel no longer enjoying with this craft is when you lose your inspiration. Inspiration boosts your interest in creating your handmade items. However, losing it really cause you a trouble. To deal with this, allocate a time where you can enjoy a pure creative session, read books that can give you ideas on how to make other creative designs, treat yourself for other interesting materials, and take a course; learning new technique is very interesting. Refresh your mind by discovering new trend in this field of business. These are the possible ways on how to regain your inspiration.

So, when selling handmade items, don’t block yourself on working other exciting task, and do whatever you can to enjoy your creativity. Don’t push yourself to the demand of the business, just relax and take it easy, for your emotion shows on every item you create.

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