Introduction To Bead Weaving

Introduced by the Native Americans, bead weaving is a form of wearable art that has been part of fashion history. The art of Native Americans traditional woven art forms combined by Europeans introduction of seed beads to the Americas, bead weaving came about as a pass-on art from generation to generation.

Bead weaving was first made through a loom that looks like this example of an old Apache bead loom. But a lot has changed since the birth of bead weaving and long-established yet classy ways of weaving has been integrated in bead weaving projects today. And that has made it stay this far in the fashion world.

Types Of Bead Weaving Stitch

Herringbone Stitch

The most popular of bead weaving stitch is the herringbone stitch and it is shown in this video how to do it properly.

Peyote Stitch

Peyote stitch is another stitch that is commonly used in bead weaving, it is a staple in the bead weaving process that it has numerous ways of how to do it including, the even and odd peyote stitch.

Right Angle Weave

This Double needle right angle weave and Basic right angle weave will make every bead weaving project more intricate and attractive in terms of design and style.

Basic Beading In A Loom

Basic beading in a loom by Fusion Beads will definitely amaze you with how detailed and at the same time satisfying bead weaving is. Forming and following a pattern is actually therapeutic for some and seeing the finished product will make you nothing but a proud bead weaver.

Netting Stitch

This netting stitch video and basic netting instruction has inspired many to create their own piece of bead weaving projects which will make use of this kind of stitch.

Brick Stitch

Brick stitching around a component for me is really creative and innovative. Using any component in different shapes and sizes will let you create stunning pieces of bead weaving projects, and will eventually be star part of a set in your jewelry collection. You may want to use your old jewelry and dress it like new making a unique jewelry piece.

Spiral Stitch

Cellini spiral stitch has an interesting design and pattern that if created properly will bring good reputation to your bead weaving collection.

What I have listed are basic and simple bead weaving techniques to help you in with future jewelry projects, but if you want to know more about bead weaving and all its fundamentals, please go to bead weaving techniques section of Fusion Beads for their multitude of step-by-step beading instructions.

Bead Weaving Jewelry

The herringbone bracelet from Fire Mountain Gems will definitely astound you with how simple beads became elegantly beautiful by bead weaving technique.

Basic netting stitch finished this dynamite seed beads bracelet using other elements like cord to form a bulky effect on the bracelet. This is a tedious and perfect project for jewelry artists venturing out to bead weaving to make gorgeous jewelry.

Jewelry Making Professor’s crystal cross pendant show how versatile bead weaving when it comes to jewelry making.

After all the information has been laid upon you, bead weaving can be an easy jewelry project to make. A little creativity and more patience can get you a long way and more cash too. Because seed beads and other small beads have been dominantly used in bead weaving projects, it helps that you keep track of your bead inventory.
And a sure way to do that is through a jewelry software program that you can use for inventory stock level tracking and inventory management. There are also other features like helping you price your bead jewelry products automatically and saving you the hassle of down pricing your jewelry products.

Finally, bead weaving is a cool way to express your personality and a promising venture if you want to focus in this art form. Armed with the basic weaving techniques in this article and gallery of ideas, truly making your own bead weaving jewelry has never been this fun!

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