If you’re one of the people who has trouble working out exactly what you should be charging for your jewelry then this is the page for you. We’ve put together a neat new little jewelry pricing software package that’s totally FREE and will let you…..

  1. Work out the EXACT hourly rate you should be charging.
  2. Calculate your overhead costs.
  3. Total ALL material costs for your pieces.
  4. Instantly calculate your Wholesale and Retail price.

Watch the video and then download from the link below. No email address or opt in is required.

Download & Installation Instructions:

  1. Download the Jewelry Pricing Calculator and save the file to your PC.
  2. Click on the exe file that you have downloaded.
  3. Click on the install button and agree to the installation settings.
  4. Once installed use the icon on your desktop to launch the program.
  5. For help use the help prompts in the software. Also view the video above for further instructions.

Alternate Excel Sheet Download:

While the Jewelry Pricing Calculator was only made for PC there are many Mac users who are not running Windows on their machine or Windows emulator so we have made an Excel version of this program available.
Bead Manager Pro is still fully Mac compliant.

Even if you do not have Excel you can still use the jewelry pricing spreadsheet with Google Docs, just follow the instructions below.

For use with Excel:

  1. Download the Jewelry Pricing Calculator Spreadsheet (right click and save as)
  2. Save to your PC
  3. Watch this video on how to use the Jewelry Pricing spreadsheet.

For use with Google Docs:

Watch this video on how to import the jewelry spreadsheet into Google Docs.

  1. Set up an account at Google Docs
  2. Import the spreadsheet using this URL. (You must right click and copy link location)
  3. Use the spreadsheet according to the instructions.
  4. Watch the video if you need help.


  1. “Will this run on my Mac?”
    This download exe program is for PC or will run on Mac if you have windows operating system installed. Sorry to all you Mac users but this has only been developed for PC so you can try windows emulator or you need to get Windows installed on your Mac.
    The alternate for Mac users is to use one of the Excel spreadsheet options listed above.
  2. “I Downloaded and installed the program but I’m getting this wierd .net framework needs to be installed’ message”
    If you receive an error message after downloading and installing that .net framework is not installed you will need to download the .net installer from Microsoft.
    ** You only need to download this IF you receive the .net error after you have downloaded and installed the calculator from the link below. Most Windows XP systems already have .net framework installed and Windows Vista has it as standard.
  3. “So I download the jewelry pricing calculator does this mean I don’t need Bead Manager Pro then?”
    No, this software was built to help people out who needed a simple way to price their jewelry. Bead Manager Pro is a far more sophisticated program which takes care of many aspects of your jewelry business. It also completely automates the pricing process from your inventory, you can watch a video of how to price jewelry with Bead Manager Pro here.
  4. “So whats the point of the Jewelry Calculator then if I already have Bead Manager Pro?”
    There is functionality in the Jewelry Calculator which helps to work out your exact hourly rate. You can then use that hourly rate in your calculations within Bead Manager Pro. (We will be adding this functionality to Bead Manager Pro at a later date as well).

  5. “I’m getting some weird error and I don’t know what to do – heeeelp me…!!”
    Please read EVERYTHING on this page first including the comments. If there is no answer you can post a comment and we will do our best to answer you, but PLEASE read EVERYTHING on this page first.
  6. “I’ve posted a comment, sent you an email and lodged a ticket and you never replied to me!”
    We do our best to help out everyone but we have to reserve support time for paying customers of Bead Manager Pro. Emails or support tickets will not receive any answer, sorry. Please post your comment on the blog AFTER you have read everything on this page first and we’ll do our best. We reserve the right to remove/delete/disapprove any comments.

    If you find any problems and resolve them your self please post the solution in the comments to help others – Thank You.

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