Custom Handcrafted Jewelry As Work Of Art

Girls love to wear unique pieces of jewelry. As much as practicable they don’t want to be seen wearing the same actual piece other women are wearing in the street. For them, wearing unique jewelry makes them feel they’re special. To avoid buying common jewelries, a lady typically searches for help from an accomplished artisan. Following is some basic tips in buying jewelry that will help you find custom jewelry to suite your individuality.

Handmade beaded jewelry is timeless. It is always in style because you may have it customized to reflect the newest trend in fashion. You do not have to try doing it for yourself. You can turn to custom hand made jewelry designer or master artisan for your unique jewelry pieces.

Hand made jewelry artisans are pros when it comes to making unique jewelry works of art. You can rely on their experience to produce a completely unique piece of stunning jewelry your buddies will drool over. These artists opt to showcase their talent and talents to supply a masterpiece for each client they have as they know that there is different types of jewelry for different looks. A masterpiece that is much more close to women who actually appreciate beauty and art.

These artists dedicate a large amount of time when it comes to choosing quality gemstones with the right shape, size, color, and luster. Their creative gifts are challenged whenever they’re mixing quality gemstones and beads with different metals including gold, silver, copper and bronze. Another challenge they’re always facing when creating a piece of custom jewelry is mixing the right gemstones and accents that will give the completed piece uniqueness with balance and harmony. Also, don’t forget that they always think about your budget when planning and designing your own jewelry.

Don’t they merit so much praise for each work of art they made for us to enjoy wearing and made us feel so special among others? Irrespective of what your taste is when it comes to owning and wearing custom handcrafted jewelry, you will need to find designers who could create unique beaded jewelry. So if you want to hear those ooohs and aaahs each time you wear your own private designer jewelry, do not be shy to seek the help of a handcrafted jewelry workman near your place.

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Crimes Of Fashion Jewelry

If you have been penalized more than once for committing Crimes of Fashion for “Allegedly” over accessorizing, then you best pay attention to the contents of this article. Accessories are great and the most common irresistible accessory is jewelry. Be it genuine antique jewelry that was handed down from your grandmother to your mom then to you. Or that imperiously glorious Harry Winston creation, or just the funky inexpensive fashionable baubles, no matter what that is, jewelry has to be worn right.

Different occasions require different types of jewelry. You don’t go out on the streets dripping in diamonds and wearing only jeans, a basic tee and some sneakers. The only time you should find gigantic and elaborate diamonds on your neck while walking or running down the street would be if you are in a movie, wearing an equally glamorous gown, running from someone or running after the man of your dreams. Anyways, as said; wearing jewelry right can turn you into a fashion savvy glamor girl rather than fashion road kill. Below you will find some tips on how to wear jewelry right, how much to wear and when to wear it.

Wearing Jewelry Right – The type of jewelry worn should greatly depend on the event. Day jewelry should be kept simple. It should not overpower you. Even at formal, black tie or red carpet affairs, the jewelry you wear should always accentuate and compliment your style and what you are wearing. The right jewelry will make for a perfect look and make you look stunning. Too much of that might turn you into a fashion Christmas tree.

How Much Jewelry to Wear – Most women make the mistake of piling on a ton of jewelry and not making it work. Wearing too much jewelry would easily make you look cluttered and all too busy. If you do, you would be taking away the beauty of good jewelry.

Don’t get us wrong, you can pile jewelry up when they go with your outfit. Like, stacking beautiful slim jewel encrusted bangles to give a fun edge to your evening gown. Stacking Bangles, maybe 2 or 3 of them can also be a great day look; warning though – if your job requires you to jot down notes then, the bangles would only slow you down.

When to Wear Jewelry – For the jewelry lover’s out there, this may be the best news for you yet. You can wear jewelry anywhere. Jewelries evoke a sense of beauty to the anyone who wears it, why limit it to special or social occasions only? There’s no hard written rule when you like to wear jewelries. You can even wear it to bed – though that may be a bit uncomfortable and for no good reason at all. All you have to do is to remember to wear what is appropriate and necessary for the occasion.

If you still find yourself going down the beaten path of fashion crime, just remember the immortal words of the great Coco Chanel: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off!”

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Buying Costume Jewelry

Buying costume jewelry is a great way to acquire fun and interesting necklaces, bracelets and earrings at a fraction of the price of regular jewelry. Find costume or fashion jewelry at department s… Costume jewelry is fun and interesting and this video will give you some great tips on finding costume or fashion necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

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Falling Price Jewelry Auctions

Watch this video to discover the newest and most exiting way to shop.

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Great Tips For Buying Jewelry

Here are some great tips for when you are buying jewelry. Before you let your emotions run astray, make sure you watch this before going out to buy jewelry.

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Sexy Biker Jewelry

At one time or another, we all have to admit to ourselves that bikers – with their gritty leather jackets, imposing motorbikes and Gothic Biker Jewelry – represent everything our repressed hearts secretly desire. The appeal of running loose, going anywhere you wish is universal, transcending age, race and gender.

What makes good law-abiding, peace-loving boys and girls suddenly get the burning desire to jump on their Harley Davidsons and hit the road? The cyclists are all about the image of S & M, leather and nails. Images of tough guys or Harley girls come with the territory. Perhaps it is because a cyclist is the last release, the act of running wild and running free, able to showcase their own style and live in their own time. Who does not want to imagine themselves as kings and queens of the road, visions of complete independence that would otherwise terrify many of us?

Images adopted by most bikers reflects their attitude. When traveling together, a cyclist or biker rally week, to identify themselves and their group membership by the things they wear. Some of the larger groups fashion their insignia and wear logos on their clothes, or pins and other forms of jewelry to put his person and belongings.

In general, cyclists are known to each other by the “look” they project. Cycling & jewelry is a vital part of this “gaze.” Reject convention change for anyone, never compromise – these slogans are important to keep in mind when trying to achieve the perfect biker image.

Most of the time making jewelry gothic themes, like skulls, cross, snakes, roses with thorns … bloodied and many of us can not but admit they could be quite sexy. The Gothic look, combining themes of sex and death, comes with its own appeal. A school in the Gothic style even advocates the liberal use of jewelry such as rings and piercings, to promote the image of death metal. Most often, this jewelry is delicate and complemented with black clothing, like black leather, which is quite basic cycling wear.

But biker jewelry is distinguished from a strictly “Gothic” to be made of thicker materials. This gives a clear masculine. Often, a combination of leather and steel, the two essential elements of the “born to be wild” image, dating as far back as James Dean and the other motorcycle, riding heartthrobs of Hollywood. The current theme is “bigger is better” that comes with the biker creed, not caring what people think, if you know you look good.

Biker Jewelry comes in different flavors. Gold is very popular in some circles. White gold goes well with almost anything, especially dark colors. Wings and stars are other popular reasons, and other things that speak of a true American way of life.

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5 Tips for Buying Jewelry Wholesale

You want to buy a piece of jewelry. Not just any old piece of jewelry will do, either. You want something different and unique. You aren’t interested in some run-of-the-mill, see it in every shop and catalog item. It’s got to be special. It’s got to be high quality. And you know it’s going to be expensive. Buying jewelry wholesale can deliver everything you’re looking for – unique, high quality jewelry with an added bonus: a fraction of the cost of retail. So, just how do you go about buying jewelry at wholesale prices? The following five tips can get you started and well on your way to becoming a satisfied wholesale jewelry customer.

Wholesale Buying Tip #1

You first need to find out what you have to do to qualify to buy jewelry wholesale. Sometimes a vendor’s license is required. Most times, but not always, bulk buying is a necessity. Often, you will have to deal with sellers in overseas countries. Each of these qualifications poses different challenges and hurdles to over come. Vendor’s licenses often come at a price. Can you afford the licensing fees? Vendors are most often required to submit tax forms every so often. Do you know what forms you need, how to properly complete them and where they should be returned? Do you have the time for forms and other paperwork? Bulk buys may not be your thing, especially if you are only searching for that perfect engagement ring or sweet sixteen gift. There are online suppliers that will sell single pieces, as well as jewelry fair or show vendors, but they require a bit of digging to find and contact. Do you have the time to Google through hundreds of websites to find the one that will sell you just one of whatever it is you’re looking for? Many overseas vendors sell at wholesale prices. When dealing with foreign sellers, several things must be taken into consideration – pricing, currency and shipping. What currency are the prices listed? That great ring may in fact cost closer to $4000 if the price listed is £2000. How will your payment be made? Most online sellers do accept credit cards or PayPal, but there are sometimes extra charges for handling “foreign” accounts. Lastly, consider shipping. How long will it take for your item to arrive? Can it be insured? Are the shipping charges going to negate your savings over retail prices?

Wholesale Buying Tip #2

Once you make the decisions that wholesale buying, is in fact, for you, your next decision should be where to buy. Again, a Google search can be most helpful in finding just the right vendors for you. Notice I said vendors, not just vendor. You want to comparison shop. Find similar pieces on several sites and compare their prices, their shipping policies and prices, and their return policies. If one or two sites stand out above the rest, then you can feel assured that you will be dealing with a reputable company. Just as you wouldn’t necessarily buy that special piece of jewelry from the local con artist pawn broker, you don’t want to deal with a slick Internet snake oil salesman, either. Most quality dealers’ sites will be listed with Better Business Bureaus, professional associations or other quality assuring organizations. If you aren’t familiar with a site’s accreditations, perform a Google on them too. Also, be sure that you are dealing with a “real” wholesaler. Most will ask for either your vendor’s license number, or a tax identification number. If a site doesn’t ask for these, flee as fast as you can close the site. An informed buyer is a happier buyer.

Wholesale Buying Tip #3

Be sure that the merchandise you are buying is the real deal. Educate yourself on how jewelry is made. Plated jewelry isn’t as high a quality as vermeil jewelry, which isn’t as good as solid jewelry. Become familiar with the terminology used to describe jewelry, too. Know what vermeil is. Learn the difference between a simulated gemstone and a chemically enhanced one. Don’t be fooled by imitations or wannabes. Don’t be afraid to ask question, either. If you can’t figure out an item’s description in the online catalog, contact the seller. A reputable seller will reply, hopefully with an answer to your query. If not, find someone else. If you are looking for a special, unique piece, you want it to be a quality piece, not a half-priced knock-off.

Wholesale Buying Tip #4

You’ve straightened out all you paperwork and become a wholesaler. You’ve searched out the sites that sell only quality stuff. You can spot a simulated emerald from the real thing at a hundred paces. Now, you’re ready to go shopping. Don’t buy the first piece that catches your fancy. Again, comparison shop. You may be able to find the item, or something very similar available somewhere else. Maybe even retail or from an auction site. And it may just be less costly somewhere else. Don’t just compare prices, either. Compare shipping, return policies, customer ratings and feedback comments. In short, narrow down your purchase to the best possible choice. It’s a lot of facts to juggle, I know. In the end, though, all your hard work will be worth it.

Wholesale Buying Tip #5

Find yourself at least one reputable local seller to deal with in cases of cleanings and repairs. Most wholesalers don’t offer repair services, and even the highest quality piece can suffer an unexpected break or bend. You certainly don’t want to have to pay shipping just to get your jewelry cleaned, either. A local retailer with a friendly face to go along with the service is a necessity.

Buying jewelry wholesale needn’t be a chore or a bore. It can be a rewarding and fun experience. You just need to be prepared for the adventure and ready for anything! is your one stop resource for quality wholesale body jewelry and more. Visit us online for a wide range of sterling silver, stainless steel, tungsten and titanium body jewelry.

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Buying and Selling Gold Jewelry

There are a lot of consideration to take into account when buying gold jewelry. Watch this video to help you to find a reputable dealer, deciding on the karat weight of the gold and deciding whether the gold will be an investment of just to wear.

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How to Find Wholesale Birthstones

Many of the jewelry wholesale pieces that you make will include birthstones, and purchasing birthstones is not always cheap. Therefore, you will need to find jewelry wholesale sources for birthstones that you can afford. Everyone loves jewelry with their birthstones in it.

This type of jewelry makes perfect birthday gifts, as well as Christmas gifts. Some birthstones, such as opals, are quite inexpensive, while others, such as emeralds, rubies, and diamonds are very expensive. One option is to purchase simulated stones. These stones are not real, and it is important that your customer be made aware of this. However, some customers will want the real deal! Again, you need a source for real birthstones.

The Internet is the perfect place to find birthstones. There are numerous jewelry wholesale outlets that do business online. Because there are so many, prices are usually rock bottom. Make sure that you make sure any company that you do business with is legitimate, and that the gems you buy are quality birthstones! Also make sure that you know exactly which stone is required in the piece that you are making. Each month actually has different gems that represent it, depending on which tradition you are following. Verify the exact stone that is wished for with the client before making a purchase!

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Buying Jewelry Saves Lives

Watch this video to see how buying jewelry can save lives of the millions of HIV infected people around the world.

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