Promoting Your Jewelry Business With Video

I wrote this short blog post the other week showing a great video of Master Goldsmith Karo Raine that showcased her and her work.

I promised to follow up and show you how easy it is to actually make simple videos like this for your self to promote your jewelry business and here you are.

The site is called Animoto and its a great way to make short videos using just some images and they do all the rest with great animation and sound through professionally designed templates.

Obviously the proof is in the pudding so here’s a video of me showing you how to actually make these videos.

And here’s the end result – this video literally took me 5 minutes to make, what do you think?

So go ahead and visit Animoto today and start making some professional videos like these to market your jewelry business.

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How Do You Stand Out In The Jewelry Making Crowd?

With so many people making jewelry of all different sorts and styles the one thing that you have to make sure counts in your business is YOU.

So what do you do to make sure that you stand out in the crowd and get noticed?

This great video of Master Goldsmith Karo Raine is a beautiful way to show off her talents and get her noticed.

Watch the video below and your probably going to love it but think “How on earth can I do something like that?”

Well it’s actually very easy and I’ll show you how next week :)

##Update, you can see the next blog post here on how to promote your jewelry business with videos like these

For now enjoy the video.

THE MASTER GOLDSMITH from Marcus O’Brien on Vimeo.

Trained at Parsons School of Design in New York Master Goldsmith KARO RAINER creates exquisite pieces in her Sydney based studio.

As Karo believes ‘making jewellery is when time stops and magic happens.’

Shot by Marcus O’Brien using a Canon 1D Mark IV in low light using 14mm, 16-35mm, 70-200mm Canon L-Series lenses, 100mm macro & Glidetrack.

Visit for contact information regarding freelance work.

If you’d like to contact KARO please use

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How To String Beads

Using String Beads

Stringing beads is one of the many beading techniques done in jewelry making and because it is easy to do, this is one of the basic skills that an artisan should first learn when venturing into bead jewelry making. All you need are just a couple of pliers for cutting, stringing wire, and string beads.

For string beads to be perfect from embellishments, they just need to be polished and cleaned from the inside of the hole so it will fit the stringing wire easily. There are many types of string beads, some are big and some are small, and have varied sizes in different colors, but all of them serve the same purpose, and that is to be a part of an exquisite bead jewelry project.

How To String Beads

Putting beads together is really simple specially if you have a pattern to follow and if you are one of those people who love to tinker around things, stringing beads is just right for you. The most important part of the craft is you have the patience as long as the stringing wires and the eye for beauty like the string beads you will be using. So let’s start!

Stringing A Necklace

If you have a difficulty attaching a clasp onto your necklace, or have been successful in attaching the clasp but find your necklace to be a little stiff, then you could always do the trick of using an elastic nylon wire to string your beads together.

This continuous loop necklace will be a great necklace project that you can play around with the beads and colors. This is just very basic but given a little ingenuity, a long elastic necklace can do wonders.

Stringing A Bracelet

And how about this bracelet projectthat will show you how to string beads in a well thought-out approach. Lay-out your project the way you want to see and wear it. For bracelets, 7 inches of stringing wire and a few beads can be your starting kit, you can even manage to get a $30 dollar worth of bead jewelry making materials in your favorite stores, or recycle old jewelries and create a new look for your bracelet or necklace.

String Beads Jewelry

It takes a little while to get used to making string beads jewelry, the more you make, the more that you become knowledgeable about it, and your jewelry making skills improve. What really matters is that you have made a big start, I mean really big by making your own set of jewelry and calling it your own designs.

If you want a more detailed and close-up look, here is a YouTube vide from where you can learn a lot about the basics of stringing beads.

In summary, while doing your bead stringing projects you will be making mistakes; adding an incorrect bead or two, wires curling up and messing around, but the whole essence of the project is, you are learning. And learning never ends, and for artisans, it just never stops!

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Simply Beads – Splendid Rings

Simply Beads Brilliance

When challenged with a task to make lovely jewelry for your customers, there’s nothing that can match up to using a beautiful mix of beads. Beads have the brilliance and shine that any jewelry must have; you don’t need to use any more expensive elements and components to make wonderful pieces, just simply beads.

Now, it is important to know what jewelry making style and kinds of beads that you are going to apply for these jewelry projects. In a world where the financial crisis is a concern, it is also essential to look for reasonable but quality beads. Look around your area for thrifty craft stores or browse the Internetfor good deals and discounts and you will find extraordinary beads to use for your bead jewelry making endeavors.

Simple Ring Beads Jewelry

Part of being a jewelry artist is your ability to create simple beads into great pieces of jewelry, the challenge lies on how you can make them look great and lovely at the same time. If you ask me, there are plenty of styles and designs that you can make out from these beads.

And these designs can be necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. Now, I would like to concentrate more on creating rings using simple beads. Rings symbolize unity and what better way to make that than to use beads that will enhance your personality.

The video below will change your perception of ring jewelry projects, it is really easy and it will create a noticeable fascination to your customers.

And if that video is not enough, I compiled two other ring jewelry projects so you can have more choices and time to learn how to make these beaded rings.

Spiral Bead Ring – The use of metalwork to make this spiral bead ring, brings out the beauty of the bead that was used. Attention to detail and wire work is essential to make the whole design a hit.

Right Angle Weave Ring – The design is so intricate by just looking at the steps; but by following a certain pattern that you have to carefully follow then you can make this ring in no time.

Bead rings are simple and easy to make, you can achieve different looks by using the same techniques in varied shapes and sizes of beads, patterns, and number of beads. Bottom line, it really depends on you, how elaborate and simple you want your designs to be. In the end, what would really matter is how efficient and impressive the ring jewelry turned out by using simple beads.

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Cool Metalwork Earrings

Metalwork Earrings Overview

There’s nothing more intricate and ingenious than adding metalwork to your pair of earrings or any particular jewelry for that matter. But earrings are a great project for metalwork because it is more manageable and you are working only on just two pieces or at the most four beads.

That is why metalwork earrings are a great jewelry making project for artisans who love the metal wire infused in their designs.

Wire Wrapping Procedure

The thought may be overwhelming but actually, wire wrapping is an advance jewelry making skill that anybody can master. Comprehensive wire wrapping techniques are illustrated in the pages of and below we will explore some of these in more detail.

Covering a briolette – The procedure will teach you how to cover a briolette in simple and clear steps to follow.

Wire herringbone – If stitches have herringbone, wire wrapping has too. The result is just fabulous that you can try using any gauge of wire and beads to satisfy you artistic mind.

Around a Bead – This technique undoubtedly needs some steady inventive hands but the skill you will acquire from the tutorial will help you in the next metalwork earrings project you are going to make.

Simple Loop – from the name itself, it really is simple. A little tweaking of the metal wire by the round nose pliers and you are on your way of making fabulous metalwork earrings.

These are just a few of the wire wrapping techniques that you need to learn and understand how they work, but I must tell you that there are a lot, and I mean a lot of wire wrapping techniques for your metalwork earrings project.

And these are just some of the preparation for your metalwork earrings; the simple loop will be preparatory for another loop that will make an attractive pair of earrings. Go check the tutorials now.

There’s nothing like a video tutorial that you can look at and rewind if you miss a step, so please watch the video below for more information on creating metalwork earrings.

With all these information, making a metalwork earring will be much easier and fun. Always remember to check out the wire wrapping techniques mentioned above for you will need those when you decide to make your own designs.

Don’t worry if you have to be doing it over and over, that’s the nature of learning. Don’t lose hope if you have to cut all the wire and start from the very beginning. You will appreciate hard work and perseverance that way, which are very important values if you want to succeed in the jewelry making business. Come on, make that loop!

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Making Pretty Jewelry Beads Trinkets

Versatile Jewelry Beads

You can find jewelry beads in about any piece of jewelry there is, from necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, anklets, and even brooches. But what really makes jewelry beads stand out is its endless design and style you can make out of this very diverse pieces of beads.

If you look at Fire Mountain Gems home page, you can see that there are a variety of beads in different shades, shapes. Jewelry beading has come a long way in terms of wearable art, and beads have become an important piece of jewelry for a lot of women today.

Types of Jewelry Techniques For Jewelry Beads

Beads can be used for almost all types of jewelry making projects. Among these projects are wire wrapping techniques, simple beading and stringing, to the more challenging bead weaving and stitching, use of leather and suede, and just about any type of jewelry making you can think of. Listed below is jewelry making skills that will help you in your future jewelry making activities.

Wire Work For Bead Jewelry

This is a great project in incorporating wire to your charm beads, the use of Swarovski and bicone is really fabulous as it blends with the wire being used and the result is just awesome!

Bead Jewelry Weaving

Bead weaving technique is by far my favorite, using different types of small seed beads into statement jewelries. Take a look at this 2-part series video for a more elaborate instruction on how to make these seed bead earrings.

Stringing Beads

You only need to have the basic tools and materials for bead stringing and knowledge in beading jewelry techniques and you’re set to go. Make this Swarovski and sterling silver stardust beads earrings and challenge yourself to make it more superb or better yet, create a unique design out from that image. Are you up for the challenge?

Leather Wrapped Beads

Leather is such a funky style and a great addition to yourbead jewelry collection. This is where your male clientele will come in perfectly, with men becoming metro sexual nowadays and joining the jewelry fashion scene. Not only does leather convey a masculine effect, but it is also comfortable and durable to wear.

Here is a video on how to make leather crimp end necklace, you can use other beads that will best suit your male clients and make a bracelet too. The potential is infinite and I’m positive that you will enjoy it!

Lastly, jewelry beads have an immense contribution to the world of jewelry fashion. It has created a distinction in the fashion scene and selling jewelry pieces out of beads have never been exciting these days! It is no longer just a hobby but a productive business for many artisans, so come now and be part of this in-thing!

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What Are Flexible Bugle Beads

Components Of Flexible Bugle Beads

If you are one of our followers in this blog, I’m sure you have come across an article about bugle beads recently. This is an extension of that article which is equally as interesting as the first. Flexible bugle beads are the best alternative for making jewelry without fear of cutting your beading threads.

Ever wonder why the people who made it call these “flexible” bugle beads? With the word “flexible”, we can surmise it to say that another material has been used to make this type of bead. If we go back to the article on bugle beads, glass-made materials are non-bendable and are hard to mold.

But true to its name, flexible bugle beads are made of polymer clay that are bendable and pliable enough to be strung into memory wire bracelets, bead chains, or just any piece of beading thread and you will get the exact result that that you want for your design.

Flexible Bugle Beads Store

If this is something new to you, then I encourage you to try makingjewelry using these beads. You can buy from Bead Me Story where every possible color is available and start creating bracelets and necklaces.

The posibilitiesare endless; you can infuse other types of beads that you will find suitable for the design you have in mind. You can add crystal beads, glass beads, metal beads, silver findings, and everything! This is really exciting because the nature of flexible bugle beads is it adaptability to change.

You can cut it to whatever length you want, cut it, and string it to a thread or wire and presto! You have awe-inspiring bead jewelry to be proud of. Not mentioning the fact that it really is affordable because of the kind of material you used. Please check the images below for inspiration on how to make your flexible bugle beads jewelry.

Flexible Bugle Beads Jewelry

Like any other jewelry making process that we have discussed in previous articles, bead jewelry can befashioned using these free beading instructions. Learning the basics which, by now I know you have, will make your flexible bugle beads jewelry a winner to your customers.

Because polymer comes in many colors and finish, you can make various designs of this jewelry by “mix and match”. You might want to start your spring collection by using lemon, vibrant green, lavender, and blue palettes for your flexible bugle beads jewelry like this bracelet. Make your collection alive and exciting!

You can just do everything with it; think of a design that will speak of your customer’s preference. Be innovative, break rules if you want, there are no fixed rules on jewelry making, as they say sky is the limit! Experiment with colors and texture that are not common, go beyond your self’s expectation. Discover flexible bugle beads’s charm!

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Importance Of Beading Books

Why We Need Beading Books

Beading books help you make your first set of jewelry pieces, improve your jewelry making skills, and make bead jewelry at your own convenience, plus the possibility of making it a flourishing business.

And because we want you to succeed, we have developed a jewelry business book for a guide on how to make it in the home jewelry business world.

And like the famous line, the best things in life come for free, and indeed this jewelry e-book is absolutely free! So go ahead and download it now!

Now that we have taken care of your business needs, you may have to look for beading books that will help you in your jewelry making.

Where To Order Beading Books

Bead jewelry making has never been so much fun with all the resources we have today, you may have to pay a certain amount of money but the knowledge and skill you acquire from is priceless. There are a lot of beading books that can cater to every skill and level you have in bead jewelry making.

But where do you order and subscribe to magazines and beading books? Here are a few lists.

If you are a beginner, buy books that teach basic beading techniques, beading stitches, and information on the basic tools and requirements that you need to have upon culmination of your new hobby or, new business venture.

Beading for Beginners might be a good buy for you starting-out-jewelry-artists out there.

And if you want to concentrate on something that will enhance your bead making skills, then Just Plain Beads will help you focus on making lampwork beads. All the works!

And if you are into the more advanced side of bead jewelry artists, Bead, Play, & Love will aid to your discovery in jewelry creations that will challenge your creativity and imagination.

Interweave Store – The website offers a long list of beading books are individually discussed in one book. One tackles about earrings, metal work jewelries, and so on.

Shipwreck Beads – This site not only sells bead supplies but beading books as well. Sometimes, the beading designs found in the website are placed in the book in a more detailed manner.

The Bead Book – Whether you just want to pursue your hobby or make a growing a business out from your beaded jewelries, The Bead Book will help you tremendously.

Fire Mountain Gems – With all the information and tutorials offered, the website boasts of beading books of extensive information about bead jewelry making, all with beautiful glossy pages.

So whatever level you may be in right now, beading books are a great help for all budding artisans out there. It will help you understand the craft and appreciate the work being done to make bead jewelry projects.So there you go, another set of information for you to try on. What matters really is your adaptability to change and willingness to learn. So keep those creative spirits burning!

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Fine Freshwater Pearls

How Freshwater Pearls Are Produced

Freshwater pearls probably are the most elegant piece of gem, well next to diamonds that is. They are a lot more affordable and can be cultured on a large scale, making it more accessible for jewelry artists to buy and make freshwater pearls by bulk and make pearl jewelry in multiple quantities too.

Take a look at this video that tell you how freshwater pearls are grown, and be amazed at how nature and human intervention can make wonders.

Why Freshwater Pearls

There are three types of cultured pearls, and that includes akoya, Tahitian, and South Sea pearls. All these are grown and produced in salt water, with only one to two pearls being produced in each oyster.

Freshwater pearls can accept up to 50 implants of irritants to the mollusks to make 50 different sizes, shapes, and colors of pearls. Colors can range from cream, peaches, and plums that are just really captivating. You will be amazed at how such a tough looking shell could store beautiful formation of pearls inside.

Freshwater Pearls Shapes, Sizes, And Colors

There are different shapes and sizes for freshwater pearls because it grows in different parts inside the mollusk. The ones implanted at the center part of the mollusk tends to be more round and circular, while those that are placed at the sides grow into irregular and asymmetrical shapes like oval, drop, button, keshi, potato, ringed, rondelle, and baroque.

Here are some sample images of pearl shapes courtesy of Honora Pearls.

Different Colors Of Freshwater Pearls

Another thing about pearls is their ability to absorb colors in forms of dyes or colorants. It is made of calcium carbonate called “nacre” that is practically like our teeth. Our teeth are also made of calcium and other minerals that makes it susceptible to elements like colorants in the food we intake. See how our teeth are stained when we take in colored drinks regularly? That’s basically how coloring of freshwater pearls are done, except that there are certain chemicals added to ensure longevity of color, and it does not stain the dress or your skin when you wear it.

The possibilities of colors are endless. Pearl jewelry market today has made every hue and shade in the color chart to cater all your fancy. So making that perfect pearl jewelry will be as fun as possible!

Freshwater Pearls Jewelry

Nothing compares to pearl jewelry, in fact this is the most wearable gem of all times, and is connected to classy but elegant jewelry fashion. But how do we style it like any other ordinary women can carry it withchic. A pearl of stud earrings will be great for any wardrobe you may have; from simple shirt, jeans, and flats ensemble to a classic little black dress, pearl earrings will be a great accessory.

And because of massive production of freshwater pearls, acquiring a pearl jewelry set is no longer that hard. With the help of technology and innovative minds, these multiple production has made freshwater pearls an affordable pearl variety in the world today, without sacrificing quality and durability. Isn’t that good news?

If you are looking for ideas on designs and styles that are used by jewelry artists today, here are some images that will surely mesmerize your customers.

There’s no doubt that freshwater pearls have changed the course of how pearl jewelry is going, from what is perceived to be an expensive and out-of-reach gem of yesterday, it has blossomed into a normal set of jewelry, making it to the mainstream and into equally ordinary people who loves extraordinary pieces of jewelry.

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Striking Bead Chain Jewelry

Bead Chain Benefits

Bead jewelry making can never be complete without the use of a beading thread, and this includes different types of threads being used by artisans today. See types of bead stringing threads in this article. However, mankind has been quick to discover the use of bead chain for accessory, and it has been widely used by people all over the world.

Some customers prefer this material in exchange for nylon because of its quality and durability, though expensive at times. Bead chains are a good element for bead jewelry specially because they are already plated with silver or gold, some chains actually are made of sterling silver and 14 karat gold too. So that would really add up to the glamour of your beaded jewelry.

Plus, you will not worry about breaking and damaging your chain because it is strong and sturdy enough to hold heavyweight pieces like gemstones and metal beads, or rough-edged and abrasive beads like bugle beads, lampwork beads, and even metal beads as well. So what’s really important is that bead chains compliments any given beads, charms, and findings.

What To Consider When Buying Beading Chains

It is important however that you know the size and shape, and weight of your beads when you choose your beading chains. If you have a lightweight material like ceramic beads for example, you can opt to use this 0.5mm sterling silver bead chain to hold your beads together.

And for heavy duty beads like your lampwork beads or any type of glass beads, depending on the color you love, you can have this 5×3.5mm gold-plated brass chain which is perfect for long necklaces with extravagant lampwork glass beads.

Where To Buy Beading Chains

The best online store to purchase your beading chains is through Fire Mountain Gems Chains section where almost every finish of silver and gold is available. There are also base metals like copper and brass, aluminum and steel chains, gold-filled unfinished chains and more!

You can also make your purchases from these bead chain stores like Ball Chain and S. Axelrod Co. with all the desired length and sizes of bead chains you want.

How To Use Bead Chain

Using bead chainscan bring certain style on whatever piece of jewelry you are making, the classic silver and gold chain can never be wrong when it comes to colors and designs for your necklaces and bracelets, even for earrings.

Here’s a YouTube video on how to use bead chain in making a necklace and earring set.

Take note that the beads and crimping ends just blend well with the bead chain that was used giving it a more sophisticated look.

Beading chains can be worn as it is with no embellishments, or with pendants, charms, and beads that will make it all together shine as a unique piece of jewelry. So what are you waiting for? Make that first jewelry using bead chain now!

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