Welcome to our video support area.  With over two dozen videos showing you step by step how to use Bead Manager Pro you can be sure that you’ll be up and running in no time.

Click on the links below to launch the video you would like to see. It is best to launch the video and press pause to allow it to buffer for a few seconds first to ensure uninterrupted viewing.

Installing and Navigation

STEP 1-win – Installation Windows:

    Once you have downloaded Bead Manager Pro follow the instructions in this video to get installed.

STEP 1a-win – Creating a windows shortcut:

Learn how to create a desktop shortcut to the main program.

STEP 1-mac – Installation on MAC:

Learn how to install Bead Manager Pro onto a MAC.

STEP 2 – Navigation:

    Bead Manager Pro has two main levels of navigation. Watch this video to understand how these levels work.

Company Setup and Administration

Now that you have everything installed and understand your way around its time to personalise Bead Manager Pro to your company requirements.

STEP 3 – Company Setup:

    Learn how to set up the administration area of Bead Manager Pro with your company details and logo.

STEP 3a – Hourly Rate Calculator:

    With Bead Manager Pro’s built in hourly rate calculator you can now know exactly how much your time is worth and what you should be charging for your pieces.

Inventory and Production:

With the Admin taken care of now you need to start adding in inventory.

STEP 4 – Vendors:

    If you have preferred vendors that you deal with you can store their details in Bead Manager Pro and also reference the parts that you purchase from them.

STEP 5 – Inventory Parts:

    In order to manage your inventory you must add in your jewelry parts to Bead Manager Pro. Watch this video to find out how.

STEP 6 – Inventory Pieces:

    Watch this video to learn how to create pieces so that your stock is automatically taken care of and your pricing is done instantly.

STEP 7 – Bills Of Material:

    Want to know a breakdown of information of your completed pieces? Run one of three instant BOM reports to find out what you need to know.

Customers and Sales:

Now you have created some jewelry pieces it’s time to sell them. By using the invoice feature in Bead Manager Pro your inventory will always be up to date.

STEP 8 – Customers:

    Having your customers details is useful for more than just creating invoices. Learn how to set alerts for specific dates so that you can personalise your customer relationships.

STEP 9 – Invoices:

    Create professional invoices quickly and easily complete with all your business details and logo.

STEP 10 – Consignments:

    If your putting stuff out on consignment then you can manage your inventory and then create invoices for anything that you sell in a couple of clicks.

Advanced Features Information:

Bead Manager Pro has a lot of functionality and is very easy to use but these videos outline a few of the extra features that you may well find useful in your jewelry business.

Facebook Integration:

    Post any of your jewelry pieces directly to your Facebook page along with a picture, description and link to your website or Etsy store. .

Print Preview:

    Learn how to print preview any items before sending them to your printer.

List & Detailed Views:

    List views allow you to view lots of data at once while detailed views will provide you with more in-depth information.

Alerts Summary:

    Want to be alerted when you are running low on stock? Learn how to set up alerts for stock levels and alerts for important dates for your customers as well.

Bead Calculator:

    Bead Manager Pro’s unique bead calculator will allow you to instantly work out what you need to create any length strand.

Duplicating Parts:

Got similar parts and don’t want to have to re-enter all your data from scratch? Simply duplicate the part and amend the inventory details without having to re-enter everything.

Duplicating Pieces:

Making pieces that are similar but maybe just a few differences? Simply duplicate a piece to copy all the information and then make adjustments as you need.

Adding Part Purchases In The Vendor Screen:

You can add parts in through the vendor screen either one at a time or by mass importing them from a csv file.

Parts Stock Report:

Run a report on the parts you have in stock at any time to see what you have on hand.

Pieces Stock Report:

Run a report on your pieces to see what you have sold and what your most popular pieces are.

Profit / Loss Report:

Want to know how much you made last week, last month, last year? Just run a quick P&L statement to find out what you sold over any date range.

Quick Find:

    Cant remember what that part was, a customers exact name or just need to filter off your lists to specific entries? Quick find lets you search across multiple fields and find what you want quickly and easily.


    Print professional looking catalogs with a range of pieces on them and choose to print Wholesale, Direct, Retail or all three prices if you wish.

Invoice Catalogs:

Want to create a catalog of items from an invoice so that you can give it to your customer? Now you can in one click.


Print labels straight from your Dymo printer in a variety of sizes and styles.

Export Data:

    While Bead Manager Pro covers everything for almost everybody it’s nice to have the flexibility to export your data to excel. Export data from any area into an excel file for use in any other way that you wish.

Advanced List Views:

With our fully customisable list views you can now pick and choose what you want to display and how you display it. Plus when you export data you get the same data as your list view.

List Subtotals:

Create subtotal lists straight from your list views in order to make a quick inventory tally.

Print List Views:

Make a direct print out of your list views from screen without having to export your data to excel.

Slow response scrolling through list views:

    Do you have a massive inventory? If you are finding the parts list is a little slow when scrolling through watch this video for a simple solution.

Managing waste inventory:

    Want to know how to manage waste inventory. With Bead Manager Pro you can take care of waste stock so you can account for any losses come tax time.

Backing Up:

    Make sure that you backup your data regularly. It’s just a couple of clicks that could save your business in the event of computer problems.