You can add part purchases from the vendor screen for any purchases that you make from that particular vendor.  This saves you having to go through the list view and adding in new  part purchases individually.

There are two ways to do this, either by adding in one item at a time or by importing a csv file of the jewelry parts.

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Download the blank copy of the csv file for use with importing from here:

CSV File Heading Descriptions:

  • Part Manufacturer Item ID:
    This is the most important field. If this matches a current manufacturer id the purchase will be adding to an exist part in your inventory. If there is no existing matching ID then a new part entry will be created.  If there are duplicate manufacture ids in your csv file for more than one part they will not get imported.
  • Part_Category
    Enter a category for the part
  • Part_Description
    Enter a part description
  • Part_Name
    Enter a part name
  • Part_Size
    Enter a part size
  • Part_#_Per
    Enter the total number of parts per bag/pack/wire length etc
  • Part_Date
    Enter the purchase date
  • Part_Per
    Enter a description for the unit of measure, ie bag/roll/pack etc
  • Part_Price
    Enter the total price of the purchase
  • Part_QTY_Purchased
    Enter the number of bags/packs/rolls of wire etc purchased
  • Ship_Cost
    Enter the shipping cost
  • Tax_Inc_Flag
    Enter 1 if Tax is included. Enter 0 If tax is not included
  • Tax_Percent
    Enter the Tax amount as a decimal. 0.1 = 10%, 0.5 = 5% etc
  • Vendor_Order_#
    Enter a Vendor order number (if applicable)