Making Astral Beads Jewelry

Astral Beads Usage

Merriam Webster define astral as “elevated in station or position” and this would make a great talking point for your future conversations with your customers.

You can certainly make astral bead jewelry in the form of bracelets and neckpieces, or even rings to imbibe its energy. It has a certain amount of mystique to it that makes every wearer of the said jewelry piece enjoy its wonderful altitude effect. But of course, these are just psychological benefits that the bead offers other than the aesthetic purposes that it brings.

How To Make Astral Bead Jewelry

Astral beads are a fun way to use for your bead jewelry making. Making astral bead jewelry is similar to any glass beads jewelry making. It requires patience and a lot of imagination. You simply have to prepare your astral beads, clasps, pliers, and stringing wire and you can start the beading process.

Any glass bead jewelry making will not be complete without spacer beads, it may come in polymer and metal but it can surely fit in with your design. Just make sure that you are following your instinct and leave your imagination to finish the job.

Spiritual Transformation Using Astral Beads Accessory

The term astral has made it possible for people to associate it with spiritual or a higher power transformation. In Asia, where different customs and traditions are still being observed, the use of astral beads in jewelries, decorations, and other ornaments is proved to be helping the wearer drive away evil spirits.

Thus, the use of astral beads and gemstones has made it popular to young and old. Even children use these beads as a bracelet to make it appear that the child is being protected by a certain Higher Being around him/her.

It does not really connote spiritual formation but gives the wearer extra boost of confidence. It is more like mind over matter, but this time you have a tangible thing to look at when things gets worst.

Taking Care Of Astral Beads

These kinds of beads are maintenance free. You can actually just soak it in water and wipe it clean and voila! , you have a clean and dainty set of astral beads jewelry. But it does not just stop to cleaning it, proper handling is the key.

You have to make extra effort to store it in a clean, dry, and away from heat areas. Putting it on top of your bathroom sink may make it vulnerable to temperature with the presence of hot and cold shower. Place it in a container where all your jewelries are being kept.

You can buy or make a jewelry holder on your own. Buy those ready to use jewelry holders and storage boxes that let you hang or place these jewelry pieces in a way that it is not tangle with other pieces of jewelry. The Queen of DIY has made a step by step instruction guide on how to make your own jewelry holder. Make it a habit to take care in the correct display method of your priced jewelry as this would somehow speak of your personality.

Lastly, astral beads are fine jewelry materials that you can make. Creating a new piece of jewelry regularly can be a daunting task, but if you have the love and energy to create simple things to extraordinary, you can make a difference. Let that inner artist in you shine!

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