How To Sell Your Jewelry Without Speaking

I received a really interesting email a while back from a customer of ours who was having trouble engaging customers at her jewelry show stands.

The real problem, as she told it, is that the culture of her country people are very shy, they didn’t want to engage in conversation so if she tried to talk to them they would just put the item down (along with their head) and walk away.

So we all know that the best way to really sell is to really get a chance to have a chat with a prospective customer and find out what it is they are really after.

But how on earth can you do that if they just wont talk to you?

Well here’s a few ideas you can use to engage people without talking to them.  And by the way, these points are all good advice for any jewelry show you ever do!

  1. Wear a name badge:

    This is such a simple little thing but it does a couple of great things.  Firstly, and of course this is obvious, but it tells people your name.  People like to buy from people they know.  It makes them comfortable because they instantly know who you are.Also it tells them that you work there at that stand.  Again, sounds stupidly simple, “duh of course I’m working here I’m behind the stand”,  right…..Well maybe, maybe not.That little name badge tells people you are there to help them, its your little uniform tag.

  2. Have clear signage:

    If people are not going to engage you then you have to make sure they can tell how much items are.Do you have a special offer?

    What’s it for?

    How longs it on for?

    Is it only available today?

    Let them know, because if they don’t ask you cant tell them, and if they are just browsing through that special offer sign might just be the thing to catch their eye and stop them in their tracks.

  3. List your payment methods:

    So many people don’t carry cash anymore, but they don’t like to ask if you take credit cards.If you do then make sure you have a clear sign that says “Credit Cards Taken Here

  4. Display your website and contact details:

    With smart phones all over the place now people browse the shops and markets while shopping on their smart phones.Make sure that your website, Facebook page, Etsy Store, email address, phone number or whatever contact details you have are all easily viewable and on display.You never know what people pop into their little memory keepers these days to browse for later.

  5. Have flyers for people to take:

    If people want to take something for further reading, make sure they can.  A simple flyer can be one of the greatest things you can have at any jewelry show.

  6. Collect email addresses:

    Bribe people if you have to, but getting their contact details at the time they are at your stand means you have some connection to them, because when they are gone, most likely they are gone. Use an email system like Aweber , or Mail Chimp to setup an email newsletter list that you can send out monthly offers to.  These days if you have an ipad its easier than ever and you don’t have to type them in at the end of the show your self :)

So there we have it.

Six simple things you can put into play next time you set up your jewelry stand to help catch the eye of prospective customers and give them information without them having to ask for it.

There are many more things that you could do, so what’s your top tips you find that worked for you?

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How To Sell Jewelry

This free arts and crafts jewelry making video will give you tons of advice about where and how to sell your handmade jewelry using various techniques and venues.

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Jewelry Business: Finding A Good Sales Rep

Selling your own jewelry items is very rewarding as an artist, but it can also be so tiring at the end of the day. Now if you wish to have a sales representative, no problem as long as you can afford to pay for the service. But finding a good sales representative is a major challenge. If you are just starting out and your budget is low, let your jewelry be your sales rep until you can afford to hire one. Never forget the importance of hang tags for jewelry, these are always traveling around and if someone bought your jewelry at a craft show, they can still contact you or pass your details on to another client.

There are several options you can use in finding perfect sales rep for your business. You can use publications, organizations, trade shows, and other sources you are actually familiar with.

How to advertise in public and how is it done? Place your ad at the back of a trade magazine. Some magazines have a certain section for advertising or commonly known as classified ads. It is advisable to run your ad several times for optimal results.

There are also agencies and organizations who can help you find a good sales rep. One of the best organizations is The United Association Manufacturer’s Representative (UAMR). They have several services; one of those is helping you find a sales rep. Even though there is payment for the services, it’s okay because they can really guarantee you the most comprehensive process of finding a good sales rep that can help you with your line of business.

Gift shows is one good way of finding good leads of sales rep also. These shows are commonly held in most major cities at least twice a year. These shows are merely for trading. You will have to show some of your credentials to have an entry to the show. You can visit different booths that sell jewelry and find the sales rep you are looking for. Then grab the opportunity of picking up business cards and other information of how and when to contact your lead. Always remember, you can’t conduct interview for sales rep during the show! They are at the show to work, not to be interviewed.

There are still lots of sources you can use. You can visit some marts that have a reps showrooms, jewelry and beads societies, and you can also get from referrals and recommendations. Some resources can be found on the Internet. Keep in mind that finding good sales rep is not as quick and easy as you thought it is. But once you found the perfect one for your business, it will definitely be an additional success for you!

If you can hire the services of a good sales rep, not only will they be able to increase your sales, but will be able to advise you on issues like how to increase home party sales. Depending on their background they may be able to advise you on setting up your online jewelry store, so try to find a rep that has various talents when it comes to sales and does not only concentrate on one area.

If you would prefer you can watch this article in video format:


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