Wire and Bead Art Beaded Jewelry Techniques

Watch this free arts and crafts video to learn how to create unique jewelry using wire. Learn the different gauges needed and some useful techniques.

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Jewelry Techniques How To Tie A Square Knot

This free arts and crafts video will teach you how to tie a square knot when working with beaded jewelry.

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Polymer Clay Jewelry

Beautiful pieces of jewelry can be made from many different materials; gemstones, metal, handmade glass beads. Artists have so many to choose from. One of the most common and popular materials are beads. The creativity of an artist is challenged when finding other materials that she can make into excellent jewelry. One such material is polymer clay which is perhaps the newest popular trend in jewelry making. Polymer clay is a type that is different from modeling and pottery clay. It is combined with PVC plastic and a type of plasticizer chemical that keeps the clay moldable and soft until it is baked to its final shape. Often polymer clay is used with metal to create jewelry and there are many techniques in adding more colors to metal.

The color and sparkle accent of polymer beads comes from Micas, which are colored pigments. Kaolin clay makes the polymer opaque which makes polymer clay a very diverse and easy-to-work-with material in making jewelry. One good thing about polymer clay is that it doesn’t require a high amount of temperature when baking; in fact for better results you can use your own oven for baking the clay. Another thing that makes polymer clay more convenient to use is the fact that you don’t need as many tools to enhance the creativity of your jewelry. Most designers use a pasta roller machine to flatten the clay and acclimatize its use. This type of clay can be easily rolled and shaped into whatever look you desire.

Artisans have different brands of polymer clay to choose from as well. Two of the most popular are FIMO and Sculpy. These brands of polymer clay are available in major craft stores. They come in different colors, from fluorescent and day glow hues to shades of metallic like silver and gold. Metallic colors of polymer clay can be easily shaped and used as replacement for metal itself. Another great place to find supplies is online, although you need to be careful when trying to find reputable dealers. There are thousands of sites that offer jewelry material for sale. Finding how to source the best wholesale jewelry supplies is not that difficult if you look on eBay. All suppliers have a feedback rating and therefore it is easier to find ones that have a good history with no problems simply by looking at their feedback from other customers.

If you want to come up with beautiful and colorful jewelry with less cost, polymer clay is perfect for you. Whether you buy ready-made or create one yourself, this clay will contribute a great effect on your jewelry. After practicing more and understanding the uses of polymer clay, you may then explore the varieties and brands. Try to experiment! Let your creativity shine with polymer clay.

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