Beading: How to Organize Your Beading Stuffs

You would hate picking up tiny pieces of beads in you working space, or cleaning up your mess, and even putting your materials back into their proper places. If you are growing with this habit, then I’m afraid to say that your craft is not growing any longer. Why don’t you plan to organize everything, starting from your materials and tools needed when you are working.

Let us start with handmade glass beads and Baubles. It’s really exhausting and daunting thing to do working with beads and baubles when they are all mixed up in one storage container. All different colors and sizes of beads were in and you are having a hard time of finishing your beading because you can’t sort out the specific beads you want to use.

To keep beads and baubles organize, sort them out according to their sizes and colors. This is an easy way to help you find and pick beads you want when you need them. This is one way also of organizing left over beads after finishing a certain project or after purchasing loose beads from a retail store. Beading for all ages is great fun and being organized will help everyone enjoy it without becoming frustrated when trying to find something.

Organize to display your beads. Old food container such as baby food container and small size bottles that you can find in your kitchen are ideal in storing tiny seed beads. Larger container such as plastic butter tubs and a sauce jars are good for large, chunky beads.

If you would like to keep them away yet still organized, consider a wooden jewelry box or if you would like to try any types of jewelry box, that will also do, and an accessory dresser or drawer where you can put properly your beading supplies.

Use clear jars or boxes that have enough size for your drawers and cabinets. You can buy old apothecary tables at junk stores that include numerous tiny drawers, an ideal storage to keep your tools and materials grouped.

These furniture’s and boxes are perfect in storing your tools and materials in order and at hand.

But if you prefer to work in other areas or outside your home, and would like to have something you can grab in just a snap, with your supplies inside, you can use a convenient carry-case. Tackle boxes are also perfect for stashing your supplies, with wide range of sizes, and often have plenty of areas for small trappings. A chest or a small trunk with handles can be an alternative as well, you can find drawers and trays in it, where you can put and organize your tools and materials. You can always use traditional basket also, this is a great way to carry around all your boxes and jars filled with your beading supplies.

Not only do you need to keep your beads organized, but knowing your jewelry making tools, their proper usage and storage is as important. There is no point in having all your beads organized if your tools are all over the place and are not in proper working order.

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