Get Those Beaded Jewelry Ideas Done

Beaded Jewelry Ideas Inspiration

A good idea will emerge at the most unexpected place and can occur at the oddest hours in your life. And just like any beaded jewelry ideas, the inspiration should start from within, an idea that will sum up what’s in your heart and turn it into a masterpiece that everybody will value.

When you think of beaded jewelry designs, think of the changing seasons and the colors that come with it. Think of designs that will inspire people and ultimately get the desired sales you want.

Get inspiration from your most loved places or even from the people that you love. Express your love for them through a beaded jewelry design that will be at par with their beauty. Like the ocean perhaps, you can use different shades of blue beads and stones for that and create a wave of blue gems and beads bracelet to awe your customers.

Or put out different shades of sapphire stones or seed beads to create a replica of your favorite hang out in the depths of the forest. Anything that reveals your creativity is a welcome beaded jewelry idea.

Handmade Beaded Jewelry Ideas

Every bead jewelry artist has their own potential bead jewelry making abilities, and what better way to do it is to thoroughly use the hands to make a work of art. Handmade beaded jewelries are the best thing you could offer your customers.

Often artisans are dubbed to be free spirits with only their hearts and hands to depend on. It is unimaginable how you can transform a single bead into a combined piece beautiful jewelry. Such talent should not go by the side; it should be polished and nurtured. Handmade beaded jewelry ideas are a form of expressing yourself as an artist, so keep that creativity working and craft by your hands!

How To Apply Beaded Jewelry Ideas

Beaded jewelry ideas are just ideas if not applied. Like any applications, you should be consistent in everything, taking into considerations the elements that will be in harmony with design. You can integrate your own idea and come up with more stunning bead jewelry.

It should replicate the original design to a certain degree, and always make a statement, more like a signature appeal to your customers. It might be signature beads always present in your design, or a signature loop that only a careful eye can see. This will make your design a sought after product and customers will associate it to your craft.

Name Beaded Jewelry Ideas

To name a product is quite hard as naming a child; you have to take into consideration all the other aspects that characters each and individual design. A flower design can ordinarily be named “flower necklace”, but you can put a glamorous name to it and you can instead call it by its new name, “Swarovski crystal flower necklace”. It has a certain retention to it and it describes a little of your jewelry.

The name “flower necklace” has a certain ink to it, more like just a family name. In a wedding invitation or any occasion, a well written “First Name and Last Name” can have a certain glow to the reader. So naming beaded jewelry ideas relevantly will make all the difference to your creation.

Often, we disregard these things, thinking we know everything there is to it. But a little help from people around us will build your personality as an artisan. It does not make you less of a person or an artist to look into beaded jewelry ideas over the Internet, or magazines, or your friendly crafts lady at the store.

Like the cliché, no man is an island. We all need each other, for inspiration and guidance. Adding a little more zing to the original beaded jewelry idea will make your bead jewelry making more exciting and fun!

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Supplies Needed For Making Beaded Jewelry

Watch this video to get expert advice on how to source beading materials as well as some great jewelry making techniques advice.

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Using Leather To Make Beaded Jewelry

This free arts and crafts video will give you lots of advise on how to use leather when making beaded jewelry.

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Using Bead Findings For Making Beaded Jewelry

This arts and crafts video gives some expert tips and advice on using bead findings to make homemade jewelry.

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Tools For Making Beaded Jewlery

This free arts and crafts video will guide you through all the tools that you need to make beaded jewelry.

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Using Magnetic Clasps For Beaded Jewelry

This free video will show you how to use magnetic clasps when making beaded jewelry.

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Making Beaded Lanyards

Lanyards are one of the fast developing trends nowadays. It is a cord or a strap that can be worn around the neck, arm, or a shoulder and can be used to hold an ID badge or anything of that sort. You can even attach them to your mobile phones or eye glasses. Most people use lanyards to hold items that are easy to misplace. They are becoming popular because they offer the advantage of keeping your valuables close to you without having to use your hands to hold them. That is why it is used by people in their offices, schools, and even hospitals.

Lanyards come in various sizes and colors and they can be made out of nylon, cotton, and polyester. However, sticking with these materials can make this accessory quite boring and repetitive. So let us explore the art of creating lanyards out of beads. Beaded lanyards can be considered as jewelry because they are colorful and artistic. Just add the attachments that can serve as containers for your objects and you now have the advantage of combining fashion with function!

You can use just about any type of bead to make your lanyard with. Try making them with seed beads, crystals, and handmade glass beads. Just make sure to use good quality thread or string to place your beads on to ensure that your lanyard is strong enough to hold objects. Choose different colored beads to accentuate your lanyard. If you want to go a step further and make your beaded lanyard more sophisticated, try using Swarovski crystals or even semi-precious beads. Be creative and combine these with plastic or metallic ones. You can also play around with the types of knots that you choose to use. Try either the round knot or the crown knot for this. Swarovski jewelry is not the cheapest and it is best to learn some easy cleaning tips for Swarovski jewelry in order to maintain its shine and extend its life.

Beaded lanyards can also be part of a jewelry collection. Just learn how to make a simple beaded anklet, earrings, and necklace pieces that match the design of your lanyard. This is good for people who like to keep their accessories coordinated.

So go ahead and expand your designing horizons with beaded lanyards. Your customers can assert their individuality even in the most functional accessories. They make for great gifts too!

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Beading and Jewelry Making – A Way to Express Yourself

Are you the type of person who would like to wear something unique?  Are you itchy to make your own piece of jewelry and show it to your friends and acquaintances to express yourself?

Your jewelry makes a shout out about you. It makes a statement about you. It tweets about your likings, and it’s going to tell everyone something about you. So it is important that you think carefully what you jewelry to wear before you head on to your job interview, class reunion, or meeting somebody for personal or business purpose.

Planning and designing your own jewelry makes you accomplish several goals. It gives people around you an impression that you are a cool person, a creative person, and a unique and talented individual, one who won’t settle for less. Making and wearing your own jewelry creation satisfies your desire to have a unique piece of jewelry, satisfies your hobby, and satisfies your individuality. As human, it also satisfies your longing for appreciation especially when someone would give a positive comment on the jewelry piece you made and you’re now wearing.

Jewelry making is an art. It is also a satisfying and very productive hobby because anyone who enjoys this hobby of jewelry making, who shows their artistic side by wearing their own creation can also earn by making some more for friends.

Expressing yourself using your own jewelry creation will of course give you the habit of knowing the latest fashion and trend to make your creation juicy and interesting to people around you while you are still in control of the end result which has to reflect and express your individuality or your friend’s. If it is for you, or for your best friend, I’m sure it will be so easy for you to choose the type of beads to use, the colors, and the size because you have a set of clothes in mind to match your jewelry.

Beaded jewelry making as a way to express yourself can be costly depending on the type of beads or materials you will be using. Beading and jewelry making for teens need not to spend much for materials to create an interesting and personalized jewelry. For working ladies, materials can range from inexpensive silver and gold plated findings (the metal bits used to make jewelry), through to precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum. Available beads in the market include handmade glass beads, plastic, gemstones and semi-precious stones, silver, gold, plated metals, pearls and shells, wood and even bone and horn.

So don’t be afraid to express yourself and show people around you that you have the talent and the skill to create your own jewelry that tells something about your individuality.

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Beaded Jewelry Making

Creating your own beaded jewelry is very rewarding. It is a way to show how creative you are. Your emotions show in each of your designs and they express your view towards art. It’s fascinating to see those beaded jewelry that come from your beautiful mind, isn’t it? Those beads, with their different colors, shapes, and sizes, are a magnificent and eye-catching addition to your jewelry.

Beaded jewelry is really easy to make, so stop worrying and questioning your capability to make them. When trying your hand at making your own jewelry, the best way to start is by making your own beaded necklace or learning how to make simple beaded anklet.

The materials needed in making a beaded necklace are jewelry wire, bead design boards, beads, beading needle, beading threads, flat surfaces, crafts glue, scissors, and a pair of flat nose pliers. The first thing you have to do is to determine the length of your necklace. You can use your own neck as a guide to do this. Once you are done measuring your desired length, you can cut out the length of beading thread that you need. Add an inch to ensure that they will be long enough before cutting the thread.

After you do that you can decide what beads – their color and size – to use for your necklace. This stage would require you to use the design bead board. You have to make sure that you have enough beads for the length of your necklace including spacer beads which you will put in between beads of a larger size. Now you have to knot the end of the thread. Use scissors to trim off the excess thread.

Push the bead tip over the open end of the thread and string your beads and thread on the other bead tip. This way the open end of the tip is facing away from the strung beads. Tie a loose knot at the end of the thread and use a long pin to push the knot down into the opening of the bead tip. Lastly, finish your beaded necklace by hooking the clasp.

Your first jewelry project is done! After some more practice, you can start being comfortable with making more complicated jewelry pieces.

If you are more adventurous and have a bit more knowledge then you may want to try making your own handmade glass beads or learn fimo bead making. This is difficult at first, but with some practice you will be able to make beads that are custom designed for your own creations. Making your own beads makes your jewelry more exclusive and therefore more valuable. Once you have a few different skills you can start incorporating them into more complex jewelry designs. Having a combination of glass beads and fimo beads, all individually designed will set your jewelry apart from the mass produced items.

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What You Need for Making Bead Jewelry

Stringing beads is one of those simple pleasures in life that almost anyone can enjoy. It doesn’t require a lot of skill to begin, but when it comes to making beaded jewelry, it certainly can’t hurt to have some experience under your belt! Start with simple patterns like, how to make simple beaded anklet and once you’ve mastered the basics, go to more advanced patterns. From there, it won’t be long before you’re making beautiful jewelry that anyone would love to wear!

In addition to great beads, you need a few stringing and hand tools. At the minimum, you need a pair each of round nosed and flat nosed pliers, a crimping tool for fastening clasps to jewelry, wire cutters, jeweler’s tweezers for picking up and holding beads in place while you work with them, clasps, stringing materials and needles. Selecting beads for your project is the fun part! There are so many kinds! Handmade glass beads, pearl beads, wooden beads, brightly colored plastic beads, beads made of semi-precious stones and metals, crystal beads, and the list goes on and on! In fact, just looking at beads can inspire the creation of original designs! But, getting your feet back on the ground, start simply and work your way up.

Nylon and other synthetic strings, such as mono filament (a/k/a fishing line), are less expensive than wire or silk thread, but they can be cut or frayed, and unlike wire, they stretch and have a tendency to curl, especially at the ends, making it difficult to securely knot and attach clasps, fasteners and other jewelry findings. It’s best not to use synthetic threads with beads that are more than moderately abrasive or beads with too-large holes. Because of its resilience, ease of use and the variety of bead materials it can be used with, jeweler’s wire is preferred by many bead jewelry makers, while those who work with small, smooth beads, other than glass, prefer silk thread because it is small enough to fit through the holes of smaller beads. Wherever your beading fancy lies, you can be sure there is a string for it!

There is nothing quite as frustrating as having a nearly completed piece of jewelry and find that you don’t have enough beads to finish! This is why you should buy all the project beads and supplies you need, plus a few extra beads and needles, at once. When you buy everything you need at once, you eliminate the chance of not being able to get more beads at crafts or discount stores because they are sold out, or that you will have to wait a few days for a warehouse shipment to arrive. Buying from crafts and discount department stores is handy in a pinch, but you pay for that “convenience.” A far better way to purchase beads and other jewelry supplies is through a crafts supplies wholesaler. An Internet search will turn up dozens of crafts supplies wholesalers, but you should take time to comparison shop, because some who claim to be wholesalers are actually retailers in disguise. Buying from an online wholesaler is the quickest, easiest and, often, least expensive way to purchase bead jewelry supplies. You have the advantage of being able to comparison shop, browse at leisure, order and pay for your supplies all from your home PC! It’s one of the most popular and cheapest sites so try to use eBay to find cheap beads.

Your workspace should be comfortable, well-lighted and preferably isolated from the main parts of your home. Choose a comfortably high stool or chair and a spacious flat-topped work bench or table. You need sealable containers to keep your beads, small tools and supplies neatly organized and within easy reach. Other things you need storage space for are patterns, completed projects, and larger hand tools. One of the great things about having a separate workspace is that you can hang enlarged pictures of your favorite hand-made jewelry on the walls, make long strings of inexpensive beads, or allow your children to make them, to loop along a wall or from the ceiling or use any other decorations yow want! This makes your studio a comfortable, fun and inspiring place in which to make your bead jewelry!

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