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Simply Beads Brilliance

When challenged with a task to make lovely jewelry for your customers, there’s nothing that can match up to using a beautiful mix of beads. Beads have the brilliance and shine that any jewelry must have; you don’t need to use any more expensive elements and components to make wonderful pieces, just simply beads.

Now, it is important to know what jewelry making style and kinds of beads that you are going to apply for these jewelry projects. In a world where the financial crisis is a concern, it is also essential to look for reasonable but quality beads. Look around your area for thrifty craft stores or browse the Internetfor good deals and discounts and you will find extraordinary beads to use for your bead jewelry making endeavors.

Simple Ring Beads Jewelry

Part of being a jewelry artist is your ability to create simple beads into great pieces of jewelry, the challenge lies on how you can make them look great and lovely at the same time. If you ask me, there are plenty of styles and designs that you can make out from these beads.

And these designs can be necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. Now, I would like to concentrate more on creating rings using simple beads. Rings symbolize unity and what better way to make that than to use beads that will enhance your personality.

The video below will change your perception of ring jewelry projects, it is really easy and it will create a noticeable fascination to your customers.

And if that video is not enough, I compiled two other ring jewelry projects so you can have more choices and time to learn how to make these beaded rings.

Spiral Bead Ring – The use of metalwork to make this spiral bead ring, brings out the beauty of the bead that was used. Attention to detail and wire work is essential to make the whole design a hit.

Right Angle Weave Ring – The design is so intricate by just looking at the steps; but by following a certain pattern that you have to carefully follow then you can make this ring in no time.

Bead rings are simple and easy to make, you can achieve different looks by using the same techniques in varied shapes and sizes of beads, patterns, and number of beads. Bottom line, it really depends on you, how elaborate and simple you want your designs to be. In the end, what would really matter is how efficient and impressive the ring jewelry turned out by using simple beads.

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Attractive Ceramic Beads

Ceramic Beads

Ceramic beads are basically made out of clay, porcelain or polymer which I have discussed in a previous article and this material has opened an opportunity for bead jewelry makers to produce their own ceramic beads. The flexibility and adaptability of ceramic clays has enabled ceramic bead makers to create multitude of ceramic beads design.

The most common are round and oval beads that are easily drilled on for holes for stringing later on the jewelry making part. For ceramic bead fans, this tutorial on making ceramic beads will help you understand about how great ceramic beads are.

Stamping And Firing Ceramic Beads

There are many designs of stamps for your ceramic beads in just about all the crafts store in your area, and it is a great way to decorate or design these ceramic beads. The proper way to do it is shown in this guide on stamping ceramic beads, as you can see ceramic beads is pretty much like the Fimo beads in the previous article I’ve made. Fimo being the brand of clay used, ceramic beads is just a general term for this kind of bead jewelry.

However, depending on the type of clay you are going to use, there are certain degrees of temperature for placing your ceramic beads on fire to complete the process of making ceramic beads, and a clear description on ceramic bodies can be found in this website where ceramic bead artists gather their thoughts together to bring about useful and informative website about ceramics.

Where To Buy Ceramic Beads

Among the best ceramic wholesalers are Gaea, Artbeads, and Fire Mountain Gems. These websites have proven their dependability, quality of beads, and wide range of beads offered to the jewelry industry that they are constantly innovating and creating their beads collection.

Ceramic Beads Jewelry Making

Jewelry making can be identified as a general form of art. The way you make it, techniques you used, and tools are pretty much the same as with any other materials you are going to use. Be it glass, wooden, or ceramic beads, it is still the same. But what makes ceramic beads shine is the ability to be formed as human face.

Not all materials can be designed as a human face in its most detailed form. The face is I think the most intricate design that has ever been made that a replica in beads will be an indication that the material used is truly adaptable. So start with these lines of design tapping the talisman art of jewelry.

This will create a sense of mysticism that will attract good vibes to you and your customers alike. A video on how to create this two-faced talisman is shown here:

After watching that, you now have an idea on how to include that to your amulet to drive away evil spirits and disease. With this in mind, you can now have a jewelry project that will surely invite customers to buy with the mystic that the talisman offers.

Ceramic beads are excellent beads to use to any of your jewelry projects, these kinds of beads are what make jewelry making fun with all the types of designs you can make. So think, think, and think! Make your ceramic beads jewelry making fun and exciting!

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Glittery Glass Beads

Glass BeadsGalore

Murano, Dichroic, Czech, Lampwork, and Millefiori glass beads are some of the names for glass beads. And for all other types of glass beads, whatever glass it’s made of, glass beads jewelry has proved its worth to be the best fashion accessory. The shine, the gleam, and glitter that they create to encompass that of a person’s personality give a certain glow to the person wearing it.

The host of glass beads are available online for your convenience, these example of grape earrings and amber rose set of beautifully handcrafted lampwork glass beads design will enthrall you to purchase your own set of glass beads and turn it into a captivating set of jewelry.

Glass Beads Jewelry Designs

Inspiration will come at unexpected places and time, however it may take quite a bitof your time and effort to draw inspiration with all the distraction in thehigh technology world that we live in today. So why not use that to your advantage, lessons and tutorials are always available in the Internet and oftentimes they come free, yes, you’ve heard it right, it’s free! How cool is that?

One good example for that is this attractive crochet barefoot sandals that use beads to make the piece look stunningly beautiful! I love how the beads are a focal point to the design of which when glass beads are used will strike an appeal to the onlookers, more so when the glass beads will be reflecting the sun’s rays that will make a shine dramatically. This piece of fashion accessory is great for the beach and will accentuate your feet perfectly.

Another set of ideas for glass beads jewelry can be found in this Idea Gallery that reveal just how beautiful these jewelry pieces are. Not all glass beads are the same and that goes to jewelry designs too. They have their own unique character, style, and quality that will serve as an important point for your glass beads jewelry making. .

They say artisans like you need to create original jewelry pieces to compete with other jewelry designers, yes that’s true, but you also need ideas to nurture your mind. It doesn’t mean that you have to copy their work; these ideas are just a head start for a far more great creation as a result of your research and creative mind. So just go ahead and look for inspiration, incorporate a thing or two in your jewelry piece that will compliment your own style and you will have your own set of jewelry to be proud of.

Bead Jewelry Video Tutorial

More can be learned from watching a video tutorial, provided you chose clear and high definition videos that will help you in your jewelry making techniques. One advantage is that you can follow each move and step that the video tells you; you can hit the pause button and replay to watch it over and over until you get it right.

This All in One Video of will teach you the basics of making a necklace using any kind of beads, it has a understandable teaching on how to crimp tubes, cover it for a more smooth and clean look, and close jump rings among other things. These are really basic techniques to make bead jewelry and will help you in so many ways. Plus you get invaluable ideas from professionals who have more than 10 years experience in the jewelry making industry.

Glass beads have been in use for such a long time that there is no way that you will not appreciate their splendor. Fire Mountain Gems and have more than plenty to offer for your glass beads needs. They also have learning center section and beading instructions that will help you in your future jewelry making endeavors. Enjoy beading!

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Fimo Bead Making

Beads are the most important materials when creating handmade beaded jewelry, and obviously they function to make your polymer clay jewelry more beautiful. As we all know, there are wide varieties of beads of different types. One of the most popular kinds of bead is Fimo bead. How to make a fimo bead is very easy, and I will teach you on how to do it.

Fimo is made from polymer clay, and just like other modeling clay, fimo is synthetic. Using this clay, you can create different types of beads. Polymer clay is a man-made product created from polyvinyl chloride and combined with color pigment and plastic. You can warm the clay with your hands to get it malleable, before hardening it through the baking process. One good thing when baking is it doesn’t change the size and color of the clay. When baking, it is advisable to use a convection oven. You don’t want to use your regular oven if you’re going to be baking clay often, you can find ones that are available at your local thrift store for a cheaper cost. When using ovens and other fire/heat tools it is best to research safety tips in jewelry making.

Malleability, I mentioned this word earlier, this is the most important aspect you have to consider when creating handmade clay beads prior to baking. Another very important aspect of the clay is its flexibility and strength when it is already completed. They are available in rainbow colors, so you have lots of color option to choose from, just let you creativity and imagination play when creating fimo beads.

The first step in making fimo beads is to take approximately one once of clay. Squeeze the clay and gently warm them by your hands, and roll it into a long thin snake, continuously repeat this process until the clay stretches out, without breaking in to pieces when pulled apart. Try to manage the clay long enough to help you remove some air that is trap within the clay.

Cut your block of clay into slabs just a little thicker of the widest setting of your oven. Put the cut slab through the oven, fold it in half and send through again.

In the baking process, most brands bake between 250 – 275F so just be sure to check first the directions. Bake the clay for at least 30 minutes, exact time of baking is very important to keep the clay completely fused. However, if you don’t bake the clay properly timed, you will end up with weak finished product. A very important reminder, do not breathe in the fumes of the clay while baking, it is necessary to use an exhaust fan, breathing in the fumes can be hazardous. The clay will retain its workability if they are stored properly, so keep them away from direct sunlight; do not store them in a heat in plastic bags or plastic containers.

After that, get your clay; roll it into sheet, in your chosen thickness. You can use a sheet of wax paper for easy clean up after working. You will need a sharp cutting blade and you should keep it separately with your other materials for safety. Use steel weaving needles to suspend your fimo beads while baking, this will help prevent forming a flat surface and keeps shape intact. You can choose whether you will drill holes in your beads after baking or you will create holes in your unbaked clay.

You can choose several options of finishing your fimo beads, many manufacturers’ offers a varnish designed to shine beads. You will continuously enjoy your beading hobby because your sources are endless. Once you have all your beads then learning how to make simple beaded anklet will be easy and you can either sell kits to make them or make them or sell them as a completed jewelry item. Have a happy beading day!

If you would prefer you can watch this article in video format:


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The Pure Pleasure Of Beading

They glitter and gleam, sparkle and shine. Some are delicately hand-painted; some are created from nature’s palette, and some could have fallen out of a rainbow. Beads of all sizes, shapes and colors can be rendered into intricately crafted earrings and necklaces, fun stringed jewelry, or amazing pieces of home décor. What you can make with beads depends upon your budget, skills and imagination. Whether it’s learning how to make a button bracelet for children, or a complicated Native American Medicine Wheel, it’s a sure bet that you’re in for hours of pure pleasure!

Throughout history, beads have been an important part of almost every culture in the world. They have been used as trade goods and currency, household décor, and to adorn the most resplendent clothing, from the wedding dresses of Native American Princesses to Princess Diana’s wedding gown. Today, we use craft beads in similar ways. For instance, it’s almost impossible to not see teens sporting beaded jackets and jeans at malls. Delicately beaded trinket and music boxes make lovely birthday and wedding gifts. Beaded home décor items, such as macramé planters and wall hangings, Native American Dream Catchers, Medicine Wheels and pottery are perfect for Southwestern and other décor themes.

For working with craft beads, beginners need only a few simple tools. Your tool kit will need both round-nosed and flat-nosed pliers, wire cutters, several sizes of tweezers, and a pair of wire cutters. You can use various types of wire, such as jeweler’s wire, or nylon or synthetic threads, or the beautiful silk threads that come in a rainbow of colors. A crimping too will come in handy for attaching clasps and other fasteners to your beaded creations.

It’s best to buy all the beads, threads and other supplies you need for any given project at the same time. This ensures that you won’t have to set aside your project while you run out to buy more beads or required tools, or waiting for delivery from a beading supply warehouse. Buying ahead eliminates the chance that your store or supplier won’t have what you need in stock. Purchasing supplies from a wholesale crafts or beading warehouse, either online or by catalog, is both cost and time efficient. You can buy everything you need at one place, without leaving your home, and possibly get in on some great sale discounts!

When beading learn how to organize your beading stuff. For your workspace, you need a flat surface that is large enough to give you plenty of room to work and hold your supplies. Good lighting is especially important to ease eyestrain. Use seal able, labeled trays, containers or drawers for bead and supplies storage; this keeps them organized and within easy reach. Choose a chair that is comfortable, yet provides the support you need to avoid muscle strain. A beading board anchors your bead strands and has rulers for easy measuring. Some even have small trays in which to keep the beads you’re using right at your fingertips. Get to know your jewelry making tools, their proper usage and safe handling, this will make your work go much faster and you will create better designs.

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