Mystified Orange Coral Beads

What Are Orange Coral Beads

To fully understand coral beads, it is interesting to note that corals are natural organic substances that have been in existence since prehistoric times. It has been prized in jewelry making for a thousand years now. Since it is embedded in the deepest part of the sea, many have associated it with healing powers.

The mystique there is in corals are considered to be healing in nature most specially for women and children. For women it is considered to heal sterility and regulate menstruation, and for children it has been known to soothe teething problems and has relieved arthritis for elderly. Whether it may be true or not, nowadays; as all elements in this world has its healing powers, one should know that your body can achieve what your mind can conceive.

Coral has a timeless appeal and did you know that Nigerian women fell for these coral beads as a status symbol? And they are willing to pay $9000 for a coral bead necklace alone! Read the article on Nigerian Coral Beads Fashion. It is exhilarating how people from all over the world has been lured by orange coral beads that they are willing to pay thousands of dollars just to get hold of one jewelry piece.

So what are orange coral beads exactly? They are corals that are carefully handcrafted to translate it to beautiful jewelry pieces. Genuine corals, particularly the red-orange corals are rare nowadays that it takes an expert eye to know one. But nevertheless, orange coral beads are a sought after bead jewelry to be part of your collection.

How To Determine Authentic Orange Coral Beads

Because of its beauty and charm, genuine orange coral beads have been very hard to find. And if you can find one, be careful to check whether it is authentic or not. Rich red-orange coral beads can be found under the Mediterranean seas and therefore a rare find that makes it expensive.

But how do you distinguish orange coral bead imitation from its genuine counterpart? Apart from soaking it in water and rubbing it with paper towels, one way to know if it’s genuine or not is to soak in vinegar as well. Corals are composed of calcium carbonate which will effervesce or fizz, bubble, and spark when touched with acid.

With the popularity of exotic beads coming out, knowing what to buy and the quality you are buying is important. You need to be very careful in handling orange coral beads as corals are porous in nature and so proper handling takes an orange coral bead to last.

Design For Orange Coral Beads Jewelry

Like any other bead jewelry designs, creativity and hard work are a plus. You need to find, search, and think hard of designs that will not harm or deform the orange coral bead’s original form. Always take into consideration that such delicate material needs extra care or it will break.

Long neckpieces are a beauty to behold for orange coral beads and lovely intricate pendant designs will accentuate your customers more. Orange coral beads are pretty much pliable when it comes to designing them; you just have to know handling procedures like how to make a hole to thread it into a bracelet or neckpiece.

An etched ring for a more personalized design will surely mesmerize your customers coupled with a few gemstones that will match the fiery orange color of the bead. 14 karat or plated gold will match an orange coral bead as base for your jewelry. It will enhance the bead’s beauty with its luster that will reflect on the orange coral bead. Earrings can be design as a classic stud and drop earrings will make the orange coral bead shine most and exude its splendor.

Where To Get The Best Price And Suppliers For Orange Coral Beads

There are several online stores that sell orange coral beads in reasonably priced per strand that ranges from $75 to $150 each strand. Prices may vary depending on the authenticity of the orange coral beads.,, among others are selling orange coral beads that will fit your budget. These websites can even give you the best prices in the market for wholesale purchases.

As you go your about looking for the best orange coral bead in the beading jewelry market, you’ll find out that it’s not really cheap to buy one. So you’d better practice those meticulous eyes you have to come out bringing genuine orange coral beads in your shopping bag. After all, the materials you will use will say much about the quality of product you are selling your customers.

No matter how expensive it may be, you can always jewelry software to price your jewelry pieces with ease. It will make your life easier by really focusing on making beautiful jewelry pieces and not on the administrative tasks.

There is always a mystery with all the elements provided on this earth. Gemstones and beads are nature’s gift to mankind; some may claim healing powers and psychological benefits. But what’s really important is the beauty that it brings when these jewelry pieces are worn.

Orange coral bead jewelries are no exception to that. They are as exquisite as any gemstones you have since harvesting corals are banned in certain areas in the world, getting a coral bead would be an added crown to your jewels. Your customers can wear it with pride and be mystified by the magic that it brings to their lives.

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Authentic Czech Glass Beads

Czech Glass Beads Origin

The earth is full of treasures and findings that its inhabitants are still taking advantage of and sometimes abusing it. But that’s a different topic at all. However, nature has given mankind yet another precious element, and that is the Czech glass.

Czech glass started way back in the Roman Empire when everything is elegant and priceless in terms of jewelry making and adornment, and where every gemstone and metals is readily abundant. Czech glass has been a part of the early stage of human’s discovery in jewelry making, with only kings and queens who can wear such grandeur of jewelry accessories.

Czech Glass Name

Why name it after the country? In early 19th century Bohemia and Venice had a fierce competition in glass beads making. Both countries have made their craft the best in their field, however WW 1, The Great Depression, and WW 2 has made it difficult for them to flourish in the glass beads making industry.

After WW2, Czech Republic nationalized its glass making industry that lead to the decline of its marketability. But this has changed when in 1958, the government was looking for goods to export in exchange for cash. Only the Czech Republic has made this move in reviving the glass beads naming industry making it the most sought after Czech glass beads of today.

Czech Beads have these Czech glass beads collection that comes in teardrop, small and big round beads, that will surely make your beads jewelry making fun. Fire Mountain Gems has made it more accessible for customers and artisans like you to make Czech glass beads jewelry at a reasonable price.

Czech Glass Beads Sizing

Fire Mountain Gem’s has a complete set of sizes that you can choose from to make a nice bracelet. It is always great to choose what best fits your wire and fastening to prevent further chipping or breaking.

Czech glass beads come in the smallest 3mm to 17x12mm. These beads are the most versatile when it comes to sizes for you can choose any design you want and you can create a jewelry piece that’s not only clear and sparkling but being able to put into use the hard work that each Czech glass beads has been made.

How To Make Czech Glass Beads Jewelry

These pieces of glass beads can be strung together to make a nice model of jewelry by making sure you have the complete set of materials needed for your project. Look for a place that is conducive for your imagination to work.

String these beads together and form a nice set of jewelry, making each bead compliment your style. You can Spacer beads and finding, and all the basic tools that you need when making jewelry. Czech glass beads it not like any other bead components that will wear off in the next few days, its luster and sparkle stays a little longer.

Make each of your jewelry making enterprises to the very best of your ability. Gather all the information and materials you need, keep everything in place, and handle with care. While we want to turn these glass beads into pieces of art, we have to take these pieces with proper care and make sure that the customer gets it with no blemishes and dirt.

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Getting Started With Wire Jewelry Making

Making wire jewelry is a popular and rewarding hobby for many people. It can however be confusing to beginners who are just starting out. This article will introduce you to the various tools and materials you will need to get your jewelry making hobby started.


Whether you are making your own wire wrap jewelry as a hobby or you are starting your own business making wire jewelry, you will need to have an area that will promote creativity and enable you to concentrate. Spend some time planning and organizing your jewelry making workshop now so that you will be more productive when you get started.

Many of us do not have the luxury of a private workshop where we can escape from the noise and interruptions of our busy homes. This doesn’t mean you should lose hope and give up on your wire jewelry making dreams, it just means you will need to be a bit more creative with your space.

Try to find a place that is as private as possible, away from phones, televisions and other interruptions. Perhaps you can clear a space out in your garage or attic. Maybe you have a corner of a guest room or a spot in your basement.

Next you will want to consider lighting. Lighting is very important in jewelry making. Find a room near a window with lots of natural light if you can, but if you cannot find such a location, you will need to invest in a natural lighting alternative. There are special types of lighting and bulbs available that simulate natural sun light. Just do a search online and you will most certainly find something. Full spectrum bulbs are close to natural sunlight.

You will also need a way to organize and store all of your jewelry making tools and supplies as well as a surface or bench to work on. Professional jewelry benches can be expensive, so if you cannot afford one, visit a used furniture outlet, flea market, or good will outlet and purchase a bench there. Look for a sturdy solid wood desk that is wide and deep enough to give you plenty of space to work on. If it doesn’t have drawers, you can purchase an affordable organizer with drawers at any home improvement store. This can be used to store your supplies.

You will also need a chair. You should take your time when shopping for a chair as you will spend a lot of time sitting at your desk. You will want a chair that is comfortable and has wheels so you can conveniently slide around your workspace.

If you are unable to invest any money right now into buying your furniture, don’t let that stop you. Your kitchen table will work as a descent substitute. Many beginners get started that way.



There are a wide assortment of pliers and cutters available for wire jewelry artists and each tool has its own purpose. Most professional and experienced wire jewelry artists will normally have a big collection of these tools on hand, but for a beginner it is not necessary. You will only need a few to get started. Pliers are made with various nose shapes and some are made fitted with springs. Springs enable the artist to control tension on the wire. Pliers are also available with nylon jaws that prevent scratching on the wire.

Flat Nose Pliers

These are excellent for holding, flattening and straightening wire. You can also use these pliers to make angular bends.

Round Nose Pliers

Round nose pliers are great for making bends, curves and for forming loops. They are also great for detailed and delicate work.

Flush Wire Cutter

A good flush wire cutter will cut through gold, silver, brass or copper wire and give you a flush even cut.


Wire comes in a variety of different sizes, otherwise known as gages. Smaller wire has a higher gage number. For instance a 28 gage wire has a smaller diameter then a 14 gage wire. For your first wire jewelry pieces, it is probably best to begin with a higher gage wire, which will be easier to work with. Once you become more skilled at this, you can then start working with thicker and stronger wires.

Wire also comes in a variety of different shapes: round, square and half round. Round wire is a more popular choice amongst wire jewelry makers, but the other shapes can give your jewelry pieces a unique and interesting look.

Wire also comes in different degrees of hardness. Obviously softer metals are more pliable and easier to bend where as hard metals are stiffer and more difficult to bend and shape. Wire hardness is available from dead soft to extra hard. Dead soft wire is very soft and easy to work with. It is excellent for sculpting , but be careful with this wire. It is very soft and it can be easily damaged if not handled carefully. Hard wire is the most difficult to work with and manipulate, but it does have an advantage over the others as your jewelry pieces will be more durable and last longer.

Wire is also available in a variety of different metals. You have your choice of copper, silver, gold or brass. Copper and brass are cheaper than gold and silver. It may be best to start out with the cheaper materials until you become more experienced.


Once you have found a good work area and have your basic supplies, its time to start practicing and creating your first piece of jewelry. In the beginning it will certainly be challenging to come up with your own designs, but thankfully there are many accomplished wire wrap jewelry makers out there to help you along the way. Go online or to your favorite book store and purchase a beginner book on wire jewelry making or invest in a home study course. There are great courses online that come complete with all the tools and instruction you will need to get started. You can even start your own lucrative home based business making wire jewelry.

I hope this introduction to wire jewelry making has helped and has gotten you excited enough to explore this craft in more detail. Happy jewelry making!

Learn how to make your very own line of wire jewelry that will sell anywhere! Everything you need to get started making and selling jewelry is included. Click here to learn more about this REAL work from home wire jewelry making business.
Click here for more free jewelry making instructions and tips.

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Wax Casting Process for Making Jewelry

How many times have you looked at a piece of your jewelry and wondered just how it was made. Is the meat carved? How is it created with such fine detail? The methods that are used to create the fine jewelry that you wear use the same technology that lifted civilization from the Iron Age to the Bronze Age.

In fact, many anthropologists theorize that ancient people stumbled onto the idea when molten copper melted out of chunks of copper ore that they had lined their fire pits with. Its called the “lost wax” casting method and its the same method that ancient peoples developed to make copper and bronze axes and tools with.

To create a piece of jewelry using the lost wax method, the piece is first crated in exact detail out of sculpting wax. The wax piece is then encased in plaster and allowed to cure and dry. After the chunk of plaster has been allowed to dry it is then placed in a hot kiln so the wax piece inside of it can melt and burn out.

When it has cooled, the chunk of plaster with the hollow shape of the original wax piece in it is placed in a centrifugal jewelery casting device. The centrifugal caster then spins around and molten gold or silver is forced into the hollow spot in the chunk of plaster by centrifugal force.

After the the metal inside of the plaster has been allowed to cool, the plaster is then chipped away. What is revealed is a whatever was originally encased inside the plaster made of wax, only now it is made out of metal. Even things such as bugs and leaves can be encased in plaster and then reproduced in gold this way as long as they can be burned out in a kiln.

Written by Susana Gormen. Find the latest information on David Yurman Replica Rings as well as David Yurman Replica Bracelets

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Potential Career: Jewelry Designer

Plenty of jewelry designers consider this as an interesting and incidentally lucrative hobby. But have you ever considered making a true career out of your hobby and turning it into a handmade jewelry business? Venturing into jewelry designing as a career can be a huge decision to make. Let us, then, examine its potentials.

There is a new market for more creative and individualistic body adornments. This new trend has led to the emergence of more jewelry designers. There are all sorts of them: bead jewelers, glass jewelers, just to name a few. There are in fact hundreds of different types of bead craft hobbies that you could make a business out of.  The fact that there are plenty of resources online and even training programs to help you begin has really led to the popularity of this hobby. Some jewelry designers even cater to a much specialised niche.

Even the concept of jewelry design has changed. Jewelry is no longer confined to silver and gold of high value. Women are now looking for practical pieces that they can wear to any occasion, even at home! They look for accessories that they can wear regularly while still making an individualistic fashion statement.

Jewelry design as a hobby is very easy to take up. You can enroll yourself in beaded jewelry making courses that range from a few weeks to a few months. You will learn to design, to do the more technical things, and even some business tips on how to market your products.

Looking at all these things, we can safely say that jewelry designing is an easy and practical hobby. But would it be the same if we look at it as a career?

If you are looking to get more serious with jewelry design, you might want to consider apprenticeship to other jewelry designers. Here you will learn more specialised techniques and get to experience firsthand how this type of business is being run. You will get more know-how in the industry and even meet some potential connections. Apprentices usually design first the products that are meant for mass production but eventually you will be able to design custom pieces. The more you practice, the more you will define that distinct style that you want your jewelry to possess.

Once you have had your apprenticeship experience, you are now ready to pursue a career in jewelry design. Read up on how to market your products online and figure out if you want to do mass production or if you want to focus on a certain niche. You can even form a collective of designers to give your business that extra edge.

No matter what business strategy you come up with, jewelry designing can be a lucrative career if you have creativity and of course, determination.

If you would prefer you can watch this article in video format:


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The Importance of Planning Your Beading Design

We have heard time and again that planning is an important part of any activity. Without it, the activity that we had in mind would not go as smoothly and most often it would end up being futile. Planning and designing your own jewelry can be very rewarding and it is important to do it right to ensure that you enjoy your hobby or business.

The same is true when creating patterns for your beadwork. It is very important that you take some time to sit down and really visualise how you want your finish product to look. What is your idea? What color or beads would go well with this design? Once you’ve had all these down pat, you can start working on your beadwork.

You may find it difficult sometimes to come up with a new design every now and then. But this is actually made easier if you are aware of all the different types of basic beading patterns.  Finding jewelry making patterns is as simple as doing a search online, there are many free patterns to choose from. An important step is learning the stitches that are available to you and how you can use them individually and even in mixture with each other. The combination of these stitches would be what you call a pattern.

You can choose your patterns depending on your skill level. If you are just starting to learn about beading, your best option would probably be the flat peyote stitch. Master this type of stitch and you will surely find it easy to learn all the others. Some other stitches that are commonly used in beadwork patterns are the brick stitch and the flat square stitch. Starting out may seem difficult and you would have to really keep your eye to make sure your stitches look right but in due time and with enough practice it will eventually come naturally to you.

Clueless as to how to finish off your pattern design? Adding a fringe to your pattern design would be best to consider. They are a good way to finish off your patterns because it adds that extra flourish in your design. The most common fringes that are out there are the simple looped fringe and plain knotted fringe among others. Aside from a fringe, you can also choose a cord such as the peyote stitch cord or the braided cord.

When choosing the stitch, fringe, or cord to use in your pattern, don’t forget to consider which type of beadwork you will be making. Are you making a necklace, a key ring, a bracelet,  a wine ring or doing your own Fimo bead making? Knowing this beforehand will help you choose a more suitable style. You can even choose to make beaded ornaments for the upcoming holidays or you can center them on other special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, etc.

If you would prefer you can watch this article in video format:


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How To Improve Craftsmanship

Being a craftsman at anything takes time and experience to become very good. For a jeweler it starts off with learning how to make simple beaded anklet. From there it is a matter of how much time and energy that you put into your craft will determine how good you become. This will not happen overnight, but with some advice it can happen quicker than you think. There are lots of online resources that can help you on your way to becoming a great jeweler, tutorials that include making polymer clay jewelry to intricate metal jewelry.

This article will discuss to you how you can improve your craftsmanship. Improving craftsmanship undergo a process which can technically reduce problems and mistakes which craftsman usually experiencing it repeatedly. Undergoing the process of crafting requires patience, craftsman are prone to mistake and often times they are losing their grip because the same problem occurs over and over again. Sometimes when you start creating an attempt to fix and repair damage, it is getting even worse, and you let yourself gets deeper into the mess.

Here are some guidelines to help you prevent and analyze a problem to acquire improvement of your craftsmanship. If you work as a group, give an amount of time for discussion during each crafting stage:

  • Find and verify the defects and problem in the work
  • Make a list of possible repair options.
  • Identify the time or stage where repeated mistake or problem occurred.
  • After that, make also a list of possible ways on how to avoid that certain mistake or problem at the moment of occurrence.
  • Lastly, select the best and suited solution and apply that next time when there is a problem.

To improve you a craftsmanship means lots of things to do to reduce mistakes and problems. Observing a mistake of someone and understanding that next time mistake and problem will not occur if your ways aren’t like that.

This process can give an avenue of approaching technical problem successfully, whether a craftsman hasn’t yet encountered a certain mistake or problem, or just a mere help to improve someone’s understanding of the material.

To sum it up, a craftsman needs to identify, analyze, list, and select best and appropriate solution to apply it in a certain problem. By doing all these steps, you are much closer to achieve your craftsman’s improvement.

In all business adventures there are going to be the ups and the downs the good days and the bad, the important thing is to stay focused and to learn how to overcome the downside of selling handmade crafts. Once you have learned how to deal with the downside then it is all up from there. There are going to be many difficulties along the way, but these are learning curves and once you have learned them once you won’t need to learn them again, so go forward with confidence and enjoy your craft.

If you would prefer you can watch this article in video format:


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How To Make A Simple Wire Loop

When first starting beading as a hobby the first thing you need to do is learn all about jewelry making tools and their proper usage. Some of the tools are very easy to use and you will pick it up fairly quickly. However some tools take longer to become skilled at using. Your first jewelry project won’t require too much knowledge with regards the basic tools, but as you advance in your craft you will start to want to make more intricate pieces and this is where some knowledge of some safety tips in jewelry making will be needed.

Most of the time working safely is down to common sense and just being careful. The real problems of safety can start when you start producing your own materials. For custom jewelry most jewelers will make some of their own materials, like handmade glass beads. These are very beautiful when custom made and add that extra touch of class to your designs. The process and techniques needed to make these require more sophisticated tools and this is where safety is extremely important. Tools requires for glass beads are of an extremely high temperature and as such it is vital that you take all necessary precautions not only to protect yourself from injury, but also to ensure that there is no chance of any fire starting in your workshop. You don’t want to lose all your hard work due to negligence.

To create a simple loop you should use 20 gauge wire or a head pin. You would use a head pin if you only need one side of your bead(s) to have a loop. You would use the wire if you need to create loops on both ends of the bead. As you can see, a head pin is perfect for creating dangles for earrings and for dangles to hang off your necklace. A loop on each end of a bead allows that bead to be hooked on both ends for creative design purposes.

The instructions here for a simple wire loop will show a 2? head pin… but you can use this method on your wire of choice.

Step 1. With your flat-nose pliers, grasp the wire at least 1/2? from the end.

Step 2. Using your finger, press the wire over the pliers creating a 90 degree angle

Making a wire loop step 1

Step 3. With your round-nose pliers, grasp the wire close to the bend, with the wire close to tips of the pliers. (Where the wire is located on the round-nose pliers will determine the diameter of the loop. You should have the wire where the arrow is pointing in the photo.)

Making a wire loop step 2

Step 4. Roll the pliers toward the bend… use your finger to press the wire around the pliers to form a loop… with the tail of the wire laying at a 90 degree angle across the bend.

Wire loop nearly complete

Step 5. Cut the wire close to the bend.

Finished wire loop

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How Do I Make A Beaded Snowflake

For the holidays, nothing’s easier than decorating gift boxes, wreaths, your tree and doors with beaded snow flakes. Learn how to make a super fast and easy beaded snow flake.

It’s amazing how something so simple can add a ton of elegance to any holiday decorating project.

You will need:

  1. Snowflake ornament wire form
  2. Assortment of brilliant beads (crystals, rhinestones, metals)
  3. Clear rubber earring backs
  4. Organza ribbon


Slide your beads onto the form. Starting with a 4mm bicone works best and creates a shiny center.

Cap off the ends with the clear earring backs. You can of course end your wires with any wire technique.

Wrap organza ribbon around one point and hang! Wasn’t that simple. Just imagine beautiful beaded snowflakes all over your home. Give as gifts. Hang on wine bottles. In front of mirrors. Have fun and happy beading!

The above tutorial is  a simple piece of jewelry to make, once you have mastered uncomplicated designs like this and learned how to make a button bracelet you will ultimately start wanting to make more intricate pieces. When you make the beaded snowflake you will probably buy all your supplies from a retailer or wholesaler. If you are going to be making  lots of beaded jewelry it is advisable to use eBay to find cheap beads. The internet is full of wholesalers that offer all sorts of supplies. eBay is a great place to source your supplies as all wholesalers have a feedback score. Its easy to find a company that has been trading online for a while and built up a good reputation.

Beads can be made from many different types of materials depending on the market that you are targeting will determine the type and cost you will spend. Handmade glass beads are basically beads made from glass with various tints and colors, but involve a higher degree of knowledge and expertise to perfect. depending on who you are targeting for your jewelry designs will once again determine the time and effort that you are going to put into your jewelry craft. The more complex and custom your designs are the more you will be able to make from each individual piece. If you make 10000 of the same bracelet you are unlikely to make a huge markup. One unique, quality piece of jewelry can bring in a great profit. There are markets for all types of jewelry so you just have to decide where you want to take your business and how much you are willing to learn to become a unique designer or aim for the more mass produced market.

Happy Beading!

Jennifer Thoden shares her love of beads and creativity with beginner beaders and jewelry designers. Her love of color and unique design shows in her bead patterns. Find her bead patterns and tutorials at

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How Do I Make A Toggle Necklace

Looking for a simple beading project to get you warmed up?

Try making a simple toggle necklace. A toggle necklace is a beaded necklace that has the toggle in the front of the piece as a dramatic focal point. Follow these easy step by step instructions to make a beautiful glass beaded toggle necklace.

Most of the materials that are needed for this project can be found at your local arts and craft store. The one thing that you need to realize is that you will be paying a lot more than you have to when buying from a retailer. As a one off project this is fine, but if you are going to be doing this as a business it is best to find your supplies from other sources. The cheapest option is to find reliable wholesalers. Their product usually come in bulk so planning and designing your own jewelry in advance will help you decide what materials you need and you won’t be left with stock that you cannot use.

Depending on which country you live, will determine the price you pay for your supplies if you buy from a wholesale company that is based there. Most of the jewelry materials needed are made in China, India, Taiwan etc. Buying from companies in these countries means that you will cut out the middle man and be able to make much more of a profit. How to source the best wholesale jewelry suppliers can be time consuming at the beginning, but will be well worth it once you have spent time finding reliable suppliers. One of the best places to find wholesalers is eBay, try to use eBay to find cheap beads and other jewelry supplies.


  1. Glass Beads
  2. bead stringing wire
  3. toggle clasp set
  4. crimp beads
  5. head pins or eye pins
  6. jump rings
  7. needle-nose pliers
  8. wire cutters


Start with a length of bead stringing wire that is approximately six inches longer than the piece of jewelry you intend to make.

Slide on a crimp bead, then the loop end of the toggle.

Bend approximately two inches of the wire, going back through the crimp bead, and draw it snug against the clasp.

Use your needle-nose pliers to flatten the crimp bead against the clasp so that it cannot slide up or down.

String all of the beads onto the wire (the first few beads should be strung over both thicknesses of wire).

Slide the second crimp bead onto the wire, then the other half of the clasp, then go back through the crimp bead and several other beads.

Pull the wire until all of the beads are snug against each other.

Then, flatten the crimp bead.

Use a pair of wire cutters to cut off the remaining wire as close to the beads as possible.

Happy Beading!

Jennifer Thoden shares her love of beads and creativity with beginner beaders and jewelry designers. Her love of color and unique design shows in her bead patterns. Find her bead patterns and tutorials at

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